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Bleeding From Fibroids In Pregnancy

If you are a woman and have uterinefibroids your may recommend roboticfibroid tumor removal also known as robotic my own back to me your reproductive organs include yourvagina cervix uterus follow P in to YouTube and ovaries

a uterine fibroid also known as a lie onmy alma is a noncancerous tumor in your uterus it begins with an abnormal growth ofcells in your urine wall uterine fibroids grow in place and don’tspread form a task to size to other parts ofyour body the four main types have uterinefibroids are intramural which grows inside the wallif your uterus

subzero soul which grows on the outerwall love your uterus submucosa all which grows in the innerwall your uterus and Pudong culated which grows on asmall stock attached to the inner or outer wall loveyour uterus the size and location of your uterusfibroids may cause symptoms such as heavymenstrual bleeding

irregular bleeding between periods lower back pain pain during sex frequent urination fullness and enlargement the lower abdomen and pregnancy complications before your procedure an intravenousline or IB

will be started you’ll begin an X through the IV to decrease yourchances of infection you will be given general anesthesia to put you to sleepand block pain during the procedure a breathing tube will be insertedthrough your mouth and into your airway to help you breathe during the operation

your surgeon small incision in or just above yourbelly button and insert a tube called a port carbon dioxide gas will pass through thesport into your abdomen the gas will inflate your abdomen givingyour surgeon more room to see and move the surgical tools after your abdomen is inflated ahighdefinition camera will be inserted

Could I Get a Period and Still Be Pregnant

Could I get a period and still be pregnant? If you had your period end one or two weeksago, what you’re seeing is not a period but some spotting as the embryo implants. This is heavier than a few spots, and a lotof women do not notice anything when it implants. There is the possibility you were pregnantbut are not anymore. You either are or you are not. If you were pregnant but miscarried, the miscarriagewill generate some blood, and the further along you were, the more you’ll get.

I just had my period a couple weeks ago, butit is now just off. If you’re only a few weeks along, all you’llsee is a period that is out of sync, if not a little heavier. I could test with a pregnancy test. If you just had the miscarriage and bleedingstart, then the pregnancy test will show positive for the first day and then fade as the hormonelevels drop back to normal. Why haven’t I heard of this before? Somewhere between a fifth and a third of allpregnancies end in the first few weeks, but

no one really wants to talk about it, andsome women just think their periods were a little late. But they did not know the reason. Can youhave your period and still be pregnant? Well, stay pregnant. It is possible that you’ll see a littlespotting as your body turns off that cycle, but anything heavy means you are not pregnantor are not pregnant anymore. Why else would my period be late and heavyor off schedule? There are social diseases that infect theuterine lining, and you’ll have heavier

periods as a result, assuming there are notmore obvious things, like white discharge and a worse smell than usual. Just blood. Wow, I never thought I’d berelieved to say that. You could have an STD that causes heavierbleeding than usual. Or you have a fibroid. Isn’t that cancer? A fibroid is an extra growth, and if it getsbig enough or starts to bend because it is running out of room, you could see blood. That’s scary.

In fact, you could have bleeding from a fibroidthat’s being pressed on by a growing fetus. What on Earth can I do about that? Get to a to find out if you need thefibroid out so the kid stays in, well, until he’s supposed to come out.

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