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Breast Cystic Mass

How a core breast biopsy is taken

This animation will show what happens during a core breast biopsy. the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fastforward the animation. This animation contains sound. A core biopsy is a way of taking a tissue sample. It's often used to remove breast tissue. The sample is sent to a laboratory for testing. When the sample is taken you may be laid on your back, on your front or sat upright. Here we show an area of breast tissue that needs to be checked. An ultrasound or Xray machine can be used to find the area which needs to be checked.

Core biopsy is usually done under local anaesthesia. This blocks feeling in your breast area and you stay awake during the procedure. The local anaesthetic is injected into your breast. The injection may sting briefly. A small cut is made on your breast over the area being investigated. A special hollow needle is passed through the cut on your breast. By releasing a spring, breast tissue is collected inside the hollow cylinder of the needle. If more samples are needed, the process can be repeated. The needle is removed and your nurse will press firmly on the area for at least five.

How a fine needle aspiration breast biopsy is taken

This animation will show what happens during a fine needle aspiration breast biopsy procedure. the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fastforward the animation. This animation contains sound. A fine needle aspiration is a procedure used to take cell samples from tissue. It's often used to remove cells from breast tissue. The samples are sent to a laboratory for testing. Here we show an area of breast tissue that needs to be investigated. A fine needle is passed through the skin of your breast into the area being investigated.

Self Breast Exams for Men Signs Symptoms of Breast Cancer for Males

Selfbreast examinations are equally important amongst men as they are in women. The incidence rate of male breast cancer has increased every year since 1975, making male breast cancer an increased threat to the men all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, this year approximately 1,700 to 1,800 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the symptoms are the same in male breast cancer as they are in female breast cancer, men typically don't associate their symptoms to the breast cancer disease because they don't think they can contract it. A man should pay special attention to any changes in his breast tissue.

On a monthly basis through breast selfexamination, and becoming more aware of the normal look and feel of your breast will help you detect those changes sooner rather than later. The symptoms for male breast cancer are similar to that of the female breast cancer in that a large breast cancer tumor will be able to be detected as a mass whether hard or soft, with uneven edges creating a lump in the skin. Some breast cancers actually cause skin puckering or dimpling, such as this diagram here, where the roots of the breast cancer are pulling.

The skin down into the breast tissue. Unfortunately, again, since men rarely associate their breast cancer symptoms to the disease, they allow breast cancer to grow and spread, as is the case with this diagram here where the cancerous tumor is growing into the chest wall or the muscle. This causes breast cancer to be more difficultly treated, and also increases the mortality rates creating a higher mortality rate amongst men as it is in women. A man should also be looking for nipple discharge such as this diagram shows, or a rash on the.

Self Breast Exams for Men Tumors Male Breast Cancer

Finding breast cancer early is very important, and enables you to have less invasive treatment options, and actually higher survival rates. When found in its earliest stages, a stage one breast cancer patient has a 100 chance of being cancer free five years after their initial diagnosis. To demonstrate how important it is to detect breast cancer early, let's look at how a breast cancer tumor actually grows. A breast cancer tumor consists of many cells combined together creating a mass. In particular a breast cancer tumor of three millimeters resembles that tiny bead, whereas a breast cancer tumor that's allowed to grow.

The size of a penny is actually two centimeters in diameter. It's important to know that a breast cancer tumor grows through a process of mitosis, which is the process of a cell dividing and replicating itself. So a tumor begins, or breast cancer begins, with one cell dividing itself and creating a clone, creating two cells. Those two cells divide and replicate, creating a mass consisting of four cells, and so on. Four cells will divide and replicate and create a mass that consists of eight cells. As you can see by.

This simpleyeteffective demonstration, a breast cancer tumor grows by doubling its size once every 30 days, which is approximately the duration of time it takes for a breast cancer tumor cell to divide and replicate. What is important to know, that at one point in time, a small breast cancer abnormality may be small enough where it's not able to be detected by palpation, or human touch. But after a period of time, when cells are allowed to grow and replicate, the mass could suddenly become the size where it's detectable.

If breast cancer cells grow at an alarmingly quick rate, then your ability to detect that abnormality will occur sooner rather than later. Therefore, it's very important to perform a monthly breast selfexamination, because what you may not have been able to detect a month ago, you might be able to detect now, after that tumor was able to divide and grow. It's important, men, that you can get breast cancer as well, so check yourselves on a monthly basis, and if you detect any abnormalities or sudden changes in breast tissue, consult.

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How To Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms

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