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Breast Fibroids And Implants

My Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Surgery with Silicone Implants

The reason I'm here in Beverly Hills having breast augmentation surgery is because I saw my mom do it and I have small boobs like hers. I was nine is when she got her boobs done so ever since I was fifteen I was really serious about it. I did do research with other beverly hills plastic surgeons. I actually went to a bad consultation before. The surgeon insulted my stomach, he, oh! So I went home and went on the Look Your Best website and i found Dr. Kapoor and I fell in love.

I had the opportunity to meet with Christina a few months ago. She came in and has had a child and has breast fed. One thing she noted was she lost a lot of volume in her breasts after breast feeding and was really looking to restore some of that lost volume, as well as enhance her breasts and also just balance out her body. I ask what they would look like when i was eighty. I asked him weird questions. Dr. Kapoor was so attentive. He is so good. I love him. I love him.

I think one thing that's important when patients come in for breast augmentation and they say i want a C cup or a D cup, you know i think they all have a cup size in mind. I explain to them no two bras are created equal. Depending on where you buy a bra you may be a C here or a D there. Christina, she had a specific desire of wanting to be a D cup. We definitely achieved that. When we sized her we started at a certain range and I think.

We went up to where she is now or even a bit beyond. I think she felt, when she tried on the breast implants that that size was going to be good for her body and I fully agree. I think we picked the perfect size breast implants for her. She had a breast augmentation with silicone implants. We did a five hundred fifty cc silicone implant through an inframammary or under the breast incision. The surgery went very smooth. She didn't have any abnormal anatomy. She didn't have any excessive bleeding. It was a very smooth breast augmentation operation.

One thing we did on her case which is something I do on a lot of my patients. A lot of women have a little extra breast tissue in the armpit area. When they have their breasts done, the breasts look great but they still have this little fullness up here. I thought well, let's just liposuction this because it's going to look a lot better. We went and did that and I'm really glad we did. It's been six weeks since Christina's Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgery. She is absolutely thrilled with her breast augmentation results, as am I.

Overall she has a very symmetrical, very even result. The breast implants have settled into a good position and they usually take anywhere from four to six weeks to settle down in most patients. Sometimes longer, but in her case the implants settled pretty quickly. Her scars are healing very well. I suspect that in a matter of a few months they will be virtually unnoticeable. I am very, very happy with the results of my breast augmentation. So is everybody else. I have girlfriends that had their breasts done by other surgeons. They've all told me that.

The scar looks good. Everything looks good. Top of the line work. I don't know if you get what you pay for or if Dr. Kapoor is just an amazing plastic surgeon, but in a week I was up, I was good. The recovery has been really easy. It's just that confidence that they give me. I'm so much more comfortable in my skin. Like i said it wasn't too over the top. I'm really comfortable with the way my breasts came out. I'm looking forward to the future. I'm looking forward to the opportunities,.

Breast Implants Augmentation Tutorial Choosing the Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

In this clip we'll talk about choosing a surgeon to perform your operation. There are several ways to try to vet or understand or research for a surgeon, and certainly what you should be looking for is board certification. Board certification by an American Board and the American Board of Medical Specialties is the main American Board. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the main organization for boardcertified plastic surgeons in this country. You can get that information, and then you should find out through your local Medical Society, as far as whether the physician is involved at his local hospital. Most doctors.

Are required to have some affiliation with a local hospital, which insures that there has been some degree of peer review, where their peers, other medical doctors have some sense of what they do. And if there is, or there happens to be a problem after the surgery, and a complication occurs, that a patient will be taken care of by that doctor and if need be, in the hospital. So, these are very important considerations. Then of course, getting a personal reference, a friend of yours, a relative that has been to that doctor,.

Breast Reduction Surgery Surgical Procedure

Hello my name's Adrian Richards, I'm a plastic surgeon from England and surgical director of Aurora Clinics.uk. I'm going to be talking today through an operation I did recently on a lady which is a breast reduction operation. The lady was very big busted, as we see from this picture, and had significant problems with back, neck and shoulder ache and the left breast is significantly larger than the right with a very low nipple position. So I've done my markings here, essentially this is where I'm going to move the nipple.

Up to, this is the area of tissue that I'm going to remove. She had a lot of tissue out on the side and I'm going to move the nipple up to that position and bring the skin in from the side. So my first stage is really just to make the incisions which I've done here. My next stage is to remove the top layers of the skin, this is a technique called deepithelialisation, from my bridge of tissue which is going to supply a blood supply to the nipple, here.

You can see I'm just completing that. So the blood supply will be left intact and this is where the blood supply is going to come through and the nerve supply to the nipple through that area of the skin. The rest of the tissue I've removed now and you can see that's my pedicle, the nipple is attached, it's not removed so the nerve and blood supply will be intact and then it's going to be moved upwards. That's me showing where the nerves come through. This is it with everything sewn up, all with.

Absorbable stitches which will just need to be trimmed and this is just showing you the tissue that's been removed. So this area in my right hand, the area around the nipple, most of the tissue is removed from the lower part of the breast. I removed more from the left breast in this case as it was larger. So I hope that's been informative and you've enjoyed watching the tutorial. If you'd like any information about breast surgery, be it reduction, augmentation or uplift, please contact us via our website or by phoning us.

Catastrophic Single PIP Rupture

Our patient today has PIPs. She has got quite wellhealed, short scars. I'm going to remove them. But our main priority is to replace them with similar size and reduce the rippling, which is the implant palpability that you see through the skin in this area shown there. So I've just opened up the capsule on this side, and can you see this fluid coming out That fluid indicates that the implant on this side is likely to be ruptured. Can you see this creamy fluid We don't know how ruptured it is yet. But if you see the, just.

Sucking here, all around the implant. I can see the implant is ruptured there. Can you see there That's the edge of the implant there that's ruptured. So I'm just going to remove everything I can, and then I'll show you the implant in a second. Well, the implant here, can you see It is completely ruptured. That bit is turned inside each other. You can see the outline of what the implant used to look like. But we've got a massive, catastrophic rupture really of the whole of the implant there is ruptured. And again, very, very unusual.

To have such a bad rupture with an implant. So I just thought I'd show the implants on both sides. This is the right side, as we can see very ruptured and completely disintegrated really, with only a very small bridge of tissue separating the bits of the implant. They completely come apart, and that is very, very unusual for an implant to rupture as much as that. We see it a lot with PIP implants, but not with other implants. And on the left, pretty much more of a normal appearance, with an intact implant without the ripping. But you.

Can see, as soon as you get a little break in the PIP implant, which starts with a little fold, then extends through the whole implant and then it turns yellow because that inside material mixes with the body fluids to make this sort of yellow appearance. So again, there are lots and lots of tutorials with ruptured PIPs implants. They're all slightly different. If you'd like to see what they look like, please have a visit to our website where you'll find lots of information about PIP implants. Our patient today has PIPs Robin Normal.dot.

Denver Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Murphy presents, Questions and Answers about Breast Augmentation. Tell us a little about yourself, Dr. Murphy. So I'm Doctor Terry Murphy, I'm a boardcertified plastic surgeon. I'm Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Swedish Medical Center and I am a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I have been in practice for about 15 years, and now my practice is limited to cosmetic surgery. I have performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures and over two thousand breast augmentations. So during the consultation process, which takes about 45 minutes, with me and my nurses,.

We talk about incisions, placement of the implant, and implant choices. You do have your choice of an incision in the fold or partway around the nipple. I like those two incisions in particular because I can look right in there, create the pocket as I want it, and get the implant where I want it to be. The choice is kind of your choice, it's kind of my choice, it kind of depends on your anatomy and depends on which kind of implant we're going to use. Usually I place the implant partially underneath the muscle of your chest wall as well as.

The breast tissue. Helps make the implant look and feel more natural and probably less likely to get hard over time. We spend ten, fifteen minutes doing sizing. Sizing should also be done at home. It's the most important decision you are going to make and we'll work with you and help you get going in that direction. Implants come in low, medium and high profile. We most commonly use the medium and the high profile depending on the the width of your breasts and overall size you select. I like to look at the ratio of breast tissue to.

Breast implant. As you have less breast tissue and somewhat of a larger implant probably the benefits of silicone are significant and you should think about that. But there's also the group with more breast tissue, maybe a smaller implant who do just as well with saline and silicone. The procedure's done as an outpatient. You come in, have it done, go home the same day. Takes about an hour and 15 minutes. I operate in my own, nationallyaccredited private surgical suite. It's very safe, very clean. Most patients ask me, of course, about the recovery,.

And it's very painful procedure, so for the first few days there's some pain medication to help you get through things. But within three or five days most people are driving, getting around, doing their errands. At 10 days you can go back to the gym and start with lighter, nonimpact cardiotype exercises, and you work your way back up so that by four to six weeks you're pretty well doing everything. Most people are able to take care of a smaller child within five to seven days, of course with larger kids it's not such a big issue.

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Breast Implant Revision SurgeryDr Kevin Brenner For Surgery Theater.mp4

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