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10 Unknown Facts About Coffee Everyone Should Know Before Drink

10 unknown fact about coffee Everyone should know before drink 10. Caffeine could reduce skin softness and also increase allergiclike reactions. oversensitivity people may feel irritation on face and eyes, after taking small amount of Caffeine. 9. all diabetic patients should beware of Caffeine it can increase the sugar level of blood that causes kidney failure, obesity, brain stroke, heart blockage and lots more. Iron rich food is needed for diabetic patient but coffee affects iron absorption in your stomach. diabetes is a mother of all disease. 8. excessive quantity of drinking coffee can change woman’s menstrual cycle. vasomotor.

Symptoms will be increase because of over dose of Caffeine. 7. Tissue Cysts can be grow in Breast of woman due to taking more cups of coffee. women who drink over 500 mg per day has accrued the possibilities of developing fibrocystic breast and additionally Fibroid that grow from the muscle layers of the Uterus. Fibroid could reduce 29% of fertility in women. 6. Stress, Tension, anxiety and depression are the fundamental reason behind Consuming excessive caffeine because These chemicals increase your body’s heart rate. 5. The more cups of coffee might kill your sleeping habit. therefore sleep disorder is.

Generated by excess quantity of Consuming caffeine. 4. Consuming excessive caffeine has significant effects on your heart. A study conducted by Lucio Mos found that caffeine release 3 types of stress hormones name cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine which can Increase your heart attack risk. Take 2 cups of coffee is enough in a day specially for young adults and additionally for heart patient. 3. Caffeine increases stomach HCL acid level and acid should produce only to digest food. If you take coffe in empty stomach its can irritate your intestine for this reason those who take coffee more often in a day they may suffer from indigestion and acidity. Acid.

Reflux and heartburn can be caused by coffee. 2. hypertension patient should not even take only 2 cups of coffee in a day because Caffeine consumption may fluctuate blood pressure level. It will increases your blood pressure. 1. Caffeine is extremely Harmful if you take More than 4 cups of coffee in a day. Consumed excessive amounts of caffeine can increase 22% of mortality.

Coffee May Reduce Return of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivors who drank coffee had fewer recurrences than noncoffee drinkers. I’m Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. One of the world’s favorite beverages may have benefits you’ll want to take note of. Drinking coffee may help keep breast cancer, driven by the hormone estrogen, from returning in women being treated with tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a hormone therapy commonly used to block estrogen. Ask your about the benefits of coffee. For dailyRx TV, I’m Erin White.

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