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Breast Fibroids Diagnosis

Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer Because Doctor Did Not Follow Up Testing

You learn through your doctor that you have a Lump in your breast yet even with this knowledge It seems your doctor has not done anything else Hello I'm Maryland medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston and I would like to talk with you Today about what your doctor should have done or Should be doing if you have a lump in your breast Now in many instances women will find or discover Lumps on their own when they do their monthly Self breast exam but sometimes a doctor will Discover the lump during a physical examination.

If a mass or lump is discovered during any of these Types of examinations further testing needs to Be done and the reason this is the case is because The only way you can rule out cancer is through Biopsies and further types of testing so if just A physical examination is done on a patient who Has a lump in their breast you really have to be Careful in these types of situations because like I said the cancer can only be ruled out through Some other type of testing so why have I taken the.

Time today to speak with you about this Because Chances are if you are watching this tutorial right Now you had a lump in your breast and after letting Your doctor know about this lump or your doctor Discovering this lump nothing else was done if This has happened to you and it happened in Maryland this is what I invite you to do pick up The phone and give us a call we can be reached At 3018504832 or if you would prefer to send Us an email first initially go ahead and send us.

An email to medicalinjurybostonlawllc we Answer questions like yours all the time and we Would be glad to hear your story also if you are Watching this tutorial right now on YouTube and you Like what you just watched today go ahead and Like the tutorial and I would also invite you to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel the reason why Subscribing is important is because if you are On the internet right now and you are doing your Reaserch on these types of topics you will see that We are constantly uploading content like this and.

If you are a subscriber you will be alerted Through your email that we have uploaded another Helpful tutorial Boston Law Group LLC is a Maryland Medical malpractice law firm helping those who Have been the victim of medical malpractice Throughout the state of Maryland and providing Helpful educational information to the public It's what we do again I'm Marcus Boston and I am One of the medical malpractice attorneys here At BLG and we'll see you next time guys take care And have a great day Boston Law Group, LLC 3018504832.

Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, and Estrogen Dominance

Now, when we have a stage called estrogen dominance estrogen proliferates tissue when it's dominant. Estrogen within itself is very good. I helps us with our brain tissue, our memory. It helps us to think clearly, prevents foggy brain and all this other stuff. Estrogen in itself is very goodit's not bad. But when you have an estrogen dominance situation where the estrogen is very dominant over the progesterone, you're going to have all these symptoms and you're going to have a proliferation of tissue. For instance, if a woman comes in with cysts on her ovaries or cysts in her breasts.

Or she has fibroids on the inner uterine lining, or she has endometriosis these are all tissues that are being proliferated. They are increasing because she's got too much estrogen in her. Thus, we have a lot of increase in the amounts of hysterectomies because women are getting large fibroids and they're bleeding heavy, heavy, heavy, so they have anemia. I went through this myself, personally, in my forties. I had a lot of estrogen dominance but back then we didn't know exactly what to do. And so, I ended up having a hysterectomy because every time.

Breast Biopsy Incisional Surgery PreOp Patient Education Medical HD

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo a breast biopsy procedure or lumpectomy. In your case, you have lump or thickening in your breast. It was felt by you or your doctor during a routine breast exam or discovered following a mammogram. Let's take a moment to look at the reasons why lumps form in breast tissue. The breast is made of layers of skin, fat and breast tissue all of which overlay the pectoralis muscle. Breast tissue itself is made up of a network of tinymilk carrying ducts and there are three ways in which a lump can form among them.

Most women experience periodic changes to their breasts. Cysts are some of the most common kinds of tissues that can grow large enough to be felt and to cause tenderness. Cysts often grow and then shrink without any medical intervention. A second kind of lump is caused by changes in breast tissue triggered by the growth of a cyst. Even after the cyst itself has gone away, it can leave fibrous tissue behind. This scar tissue can often be large enough to be felt. The third kind of growth is a tumor. Tumors can be either benign or cancerous and it is.

Concern about this type of growth that has lead your doctor to recommend breast biopsy. Sometimes you will have breast changes that can not be felt by physical examination alone but may be seen on a mammogram. On the day of your operation, you will be asked to put on a surgical gown. You may receive a sedative by mouth and an intravenous line may be put in. You will then be transferred to an operating table. Your doctor will scrub thoroughly and will apply an antiseptic solution to the skin around the area where the incision will be made.

Then, the doctor will place a sterile drape or towels around the operative site and will inject a local anesthetic. This will sting a bit, but your breast will quickly begin to feel numb. Usually, the surgeon will inject more than one spot in order to make sure that the entire area is thoroughly numb. After allowing a few minutes for the anesthetic to take effect, the surgeon will make a small incision. Once the incision has been made, your doctor will begin looking for the lump that is to be removed. You will feel some pressure or.

Breast Lumps In Young Women, Oncologist Explains Medical Approach

GtgtgtDr. Margileth One of the most occurrences in young women is a history of lumps of the breast. Most women have some evidence of what is called fibrocystic change, that is their breasts are said to feel lumpy or bumpy. For the most part, this is absolutely normal and many women find that that lumpiness fluctuates during their cycle. Many times benign cyst of the breast can actually be painful, for instance with the cycle or with caffeine. However, when a young woman has a dominant breast lump or a lump that sits out from the.

Other lumps in her breast, so to speak, one should be sure that ultimately, some kind of diagnosis is made. Young women often have very dense breast making mammogram difficult or sometimes useless. In that case, ultrasound can be helpful and if there is what is called the dominant lump, it is quite easy for the mammography department to do a core biopsy of that lump. The worse thing that we see is a young woman who comes in with invasive breast cancer, who says I have had this lump for a year and they told me it was nothing because I was 32 years old.

So if a lump persist and stands out from the other lumpiness of the breast, so to speak, one should always come to some diagnosis of what that is irrespective of the findings on the mammogram and the ultrasound. In general, an outpatient core biopsy would be the most definitive way to decide whether this is something that needs followup or not. Many of these turn out be fibroadenomas, which are totally benign and have no implication for increased risk of breast cancer in the future. Sometimes one gets a typical lesions, which may need to be resected and which may.

Have some implication for future breast cancer. The other issue in such a patient is to always take a family history and if one finds cases of breast cancer in the family especially in younger women or multiple cases or bilateral breast cancer or any ovarian cancer or breast cancer in males, one should consider gene testing by seeing a certified genetics counselor to look at the pros and cons and indications for such testing. Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share with you an important information that I believe.

Should I Worry About Lumps In My Breasts

Should I worry about lumps in my breast Let me share with you some thoughts on that subject. One of the questions that I am always asked about are Dr. Harness what have to do about all these lumps in my breast. This is particularly true of younger women and one of the difficulties is that people with all the conversation about the risk of breast cancer somehow think that every lump in the breast is potentially a cancer. Now in women in their teen years and 20s and well into their 30s who are not overweight, the fat envelope the layer of fatty tissue.

That surround the breast tissue should be thin as long as the person is not overweight and with that thin layer you can then easily feel the normal glandular tissue underneath the skin of your breast and underneath that thin fat envelope and certainly for teenage women, women in their 20s, women in their 30s, and actually women with fibrocystic changes in their 40s, the breast can feel quite lumpy, so what's important here, what's important is knowing your breast, being aware of your breasts. Particularly just before your menstrual period and then after the hormone stimulation goes away after your period. If there's a.

Persistent lump in the breast particularly one that feels as hard lets say as a marble then something like that needs to be evaluated. Particularly if it continues on for a month or more well after your period or through two or three cycles, clearly such a lump needs to be evaluated. In younger women, the typical way of evaluating such lumps is not only a physical examination by a physician, but very importantly with breast ultrasound. We generally don't like to do mammograms unless women are in their late 30s or course into their 40s.

And particularly for younger women with these lumps are typically a fibroadenoma benign little tumor of the breast, we certainly don't want to be doing mammograms, so the answer is if a lump persist through certainly more than one or two menstrual cycles, you need to have it checked out. If you are younger, please make sure that your physician is ordering an ultrasound, mammograms may be indicated in women in their late 30s or well into the 40s or of course her 50s or 60s. Certainly, not all lumps are cancer, but if there is.

Removal Of Fibroid The Only Way To Get Rid Of The Cancer

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The Hidden Source Of Cancer, Fibroids Tumors

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