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Can Exercise Cure Fibroid


Are you one of the many women suffering from fibroids and you really don’t know what to do you’re looking for a natural cure, you don’t know where to do, you have tried all the options out there and you have exhausted yourself of everything, every cure out there and you really are at an end where you are tired of the pain and suffering that you have to go through every single month hi, my name is farhana, and that’s where i come in.I suffered from the bleeding from.

The fibroids for a long, long time and i wish i knew about this before but unfortunately i did not and every single month i thought maybe, you know, next month it’s going to be better.Next month it’s going to be better but it never happened.Every single month i used to dread the time every single month and one day i landed in the emergency but to make a long story short i did land up in the emergency and i had to go through a massive blood transfusion and my came and told me you have no other choice but to go to a.

Full hysterectomy and i was dreading that, but you know, i was really, really sad and frustrated that i had to go through this surgery which i really did not want to.I came home, spoke to my twin boys and was in the process of getting the surgery date set up and everything when my boys came to me and said, mom, there is another natural way to cure yourself of fibroids and if you’re willing to stick to it and do it there is a possibility that you may not have to go to surgery and i looked at the alternative healing and i decided to.

Give myself six monthssix more months of pain and suffering hoping that this would end without me having to go through surgery.My boys faisal and akram faisal is behind the camera and akram is right here and they’re both in the whole medical profession and they’re also certified detox specialists and they were the ones that actually guided me through the full process and i followed it for about, i would say four months three or four months.I lost count of it but i was able to cure.

Myself of the fibroids without having to go through the surgery and i am so thankful to god that i have these boys here that actually helped me out and i want to share my story and how i did it with all of the women out there so that they don’t have to go through the pain and suffering that i went through.Akram, you want to join in yeah yeah, sure.Hi, my name is akram like my mom mentioned.I have a lot of experience with detoxification.That’s when my mom asked for help.Actually, let me tell you.

My story as well.I suffered with asthma for a very long time and you know, i was taking typical meds like the albuterol and the inhaler.I was taking advair, which is the oral steroid, and it was not helping me out.Going to the trying to get a remedy for this and it wasn’t helping so that’s when i looked for alternatives.Just like my mom looked for alternatives i looked for alternatives as well.And actually, when i was going through this i was also very open minded in that sense and i was taking the medications and it was.

Helping for a brief duration of time but i was also experiencing side effects shortness of breath and that’s when i looked into alternative healing and that’s when the whole world opened up to me, this new world of healing naturally.And i spent a lot of time studying it and thankfully today i can say that my asthma is completely under control.It’s practically nonexistent.I don’t really have to go to the for anything anymore.I don’t use my medications.So, i’m grateful for that.And that’s when my mom was also suffering from fibroids.

And she said she was considering hysterectomy and then i threw out the idea that let’s put you on a detox protocol and let’s see where this goes.Give yourself some time, several months.It’s not going to happen over night, you know success doesn’t happen over night.You can take a drug or a pill and it’ll only be like a bandage.It’ll stop the symptoms for a it’s a symptomatic treatment.It will stop it for a little while but it’ll come back.But my thing was i wanted to completely get rid of it out of.

My life and my mom was the same.She didn’t want to deal with it.At the same time, she didn’t want to lose her uterus.So we went on this healing journey and it’s great that we were with her the whole time and she had that support.And just to follow up with what akram just said, i drank the juice that i’m going to make right now and show you exactly what i did.All those every, single day.Very religiously every single day i drank the juice that i made.

And you know, this i just have to butt in real quick and say this juice right here this recipe that we’re giving you was key.It was very essential to our mom getting well and it was something she did consistently on a regular basis.So this is one aspect of what she was doing and we wanted to share that with you so that you could get this into your life and make it a daily habit as well.So, without further ado, let’s get started.So, i’ll show you what i have over here.I have of course, lemons, you know that’s.

The key.Lemon is a cleanser and akram will talk more about it.I also have ginger, a piece of ginger.Turmeric, fresh turmeric, beets of course the stems of the beets too, apples, spinach, and collard greens.And let’s start with lemon first and while i’m juicing it, akram can start with the with the description.So lemons are actually very powerful.They’re a great dissolver of all acid residues in your body through your gi tract.So it actually helps cleanse your body even though it’s acidic on the outside if you were to squeeze it for example on a plate, it’ll take off.

The slime, that sludge right off the plate and likewise, it does the same thing in your body.It removes all that acid waste in your body and as we know, acid the build up of acid waste is the root cause of a lot of problems and when you have acid waste accumulating it’s going to cause a lot of pain that’s why you get arthritis, pain in the joint my mom was experiencing menstrual pain, bleeding excessively and feeling pain during your menstrual cycle as well so you want to remove that acid waste from your body and lemons are extremely.

Crucial in that they’re a very great dissolver.Next is ginger and while i’m juicing that ginger and turmeric.I’m going to juice them together and akram will talk about that.You just need a little knob of ginger and turmeric.Not too much otherwise it gets too strong of a taste just a little knob like a pinky size.Small piece and then turmeric.These are actually extremely important especially if you have fibroids or any other pain in your body because these are your major antiinflammatory aids antiinflammatory foods and actually.

Recent studies were done i’m in the medical profession so i also get into looking into studies and seeing what’s working for people and not but recent studies have shown that ginger and turmeric are more effective or as effective as your pain relievers like ibuprofen, and nsaid that is nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug it’s as strong in being a pain reliever or being stronger without the side effects.So i would highly recommend, make sure you put a little bit of ginger and turmeric in your drinks.It’s great.You know, it’s.

Wonderful.I’m going to take apple next.Apples are very, very healthy and of course they add a little sweetness to the juice.So while i’m juicing that akram can talk more about the apples and their like my mom said, the apples are great to add sweetness to the juice.W put a little bit of apple in every drink.As you can see, most of the stuff here you have the greens and you have the lemon and beets and turmeric and ginger they’re not so on the tasty.

Side so it makes it less palatable so you always put a sweetener in.You can put any sweetener in you like apple, orange, anything, you know grapes grapes are a great addition to your drink as well.But like apples.They’re abundant throughout the year for the most part especially where we stay and they’re easy to find.You can go anywhere and they’re not so difficult to juice either.They go through the juicer very easily and are great just to add a little sweetness to the juice.So it’s great whatever you like whatever.

Suits your taste and it gets you more reason to juice.If you look forward to a drink you’re more likely do it on a daily basis and we learned that you know, it took us a while to figure that out that, you know, if you make your juice more palatable, more tasty you’re going to get into the habit and once you’ve done it for like, let’s say 20something days it becomes a regular consistent habit and you can carry it on for months.So that was one of the tricks we used too to add a little sweetness to our drink.

And there’s no limit.If you like more sweet you can add more sweet then you can add more apples for your taste.The next thing we’re going to do is beets and beets are of course, you know, rich in iron.It raises your hemoglobin levels and when you are actually suffering from fibroids that is the main thing you need so that you don’t end up in the emergency going to, you know, going through a blood transfusion.So, this is a beet head that i have chopped up but then the beet leaves are really, really very nutritious.Actually,.

They are more nutritious than the beets but we’re going to do a little bit of both and then when you’re buying stuff you want to look for dark green leaves too.So while i’m doing that and just to reiterate, we got everything out here from the farmer’s market.Everything is organic and they’re all from the farmer’s market.So while i’m doing the beets akram can talk more about it.Yeah, so like my mom said, she likes to juice the head, the stalks of the beets, which are.

More nutritious than the beetroot itself.Only thing with that is that it can make it a little bitter so that’s why we add the sweetener to it.We don’t use too much of the beet heads in our drink because it gets a little too powerful in taste, too strong of a taste.But the beets are extremely important if you’re losing a lot of blood.It’s loaded with iron helps bring your hemoglobin levels up to normal.When my mom was in the her hemoglobin was, you know, extremely below normal range for a woman.You know,.

She’s losing a lot of blood, you know, during her menstrual cycle and so one thing we did was we added more beets to her drink over time you know just add a little bit more and more and over time we saw that her hemoglobin actually went up and then normalized so beets was key in that and aside from that beets are actually a great kidney cleanser too.If you’re having any kidney issues or kidney trouble beets will open up your kidneys and cleanse them and allow that acid waste to go through and channel through your kidneys.

Because kidney is one of your channels of exit for acids believe it or not it’s actually one of the main ones if not the main one aside from your skin and your gi tract.So kidneys are crucial to kidney function is crucial for you to get rid of that acid waste so that you can be free of that pain because acid is what causes the inflammation in your body and when you have too much acid in your body then that’s when you experience the pain so you want to really open up your kidneys so that you can remove that acid and get it.

Out of your body.Another thing my mom used for helping raise your hemoglobin levels was spinach.Absolutely.These are the greens now and i’m going to do the spinach and the collard greens next but spinach of course as everybody knows is rich in iron and spinach in beets are the two main ingredients that women suffering from fibroids need to add to their diet on a daily basis to replenish everything that you have lost.So let me just do the spinach now and see how we strategically chose our ingredients for like for example, for the pain my mom.

Was experiencing we got the ginger and turmeric which are major antiinflammatory agents that help reduce inflammation and relieve the pain so that’s how we tackle the pain part of it and then to raise your hemoglobin levels we added spinach and beet.You know, those raise your hemoglobin levels over time, you know i’ve seen like how that helped her with her bleeding as well so that even though she’s losing a lot of blood and i saw that, you know, when i first saw her losing blood i knew right away that she was anemic because.

I checked.She had the signs of anemia.This is when we in medical school we’re taught that when you see someone whose lost a lot of blood right away you want to check out and see right below their eye and below their tongue, those are two places if it’s pale and blue in color that’s a sign of anemia and i knew my mom had to go to the to get a blood transfusion because she had lost way too much blood and i knew that there.

Was nothing we could do quickly to recover the amount of blood she had lost so after that incident and after getting the blood transfusion my mom made it a point to add spinach and beet to every juice so this recipe is something she did every day, you know just to raise her hemoglobin levels to make sure she wouldn’t relapse back in the so that is key.Make sure your anti inflammatory are ginger and turmeric and for raises your blood hemoglobin you want to use spinach and beet.

Now there are many, you know, innumerable number of benefits but especially for hemoglobin these are key for you to keep your blood levels up.If you the next thing we’re going to be juicing is collard greens.You want yeah, go ahead.I’ll just start juicing the collard greens now.The reason we added this ingredient to the juice is because it’s extremely alkalizing.It’s one of the most alkalizing foods.Typically your greens are very alkalizing.You can us any green you want.You can use kale or arugula.Arugula adds a little bit of spice to your.

Drink, a little kick to it so if you like that you can play around with it, see what you like.If you like that you can add arugula instead.Or if you want to choose swiss chard.Swiss chard is great too.Very colorful, different colors.The more colors you actually drink the better it is for you.So swiss chard, arugula, kale any of those greens are great to add but we specifically chose collard greens because it is extremely alkalizing and when your body is extremely acidic you want to bring it back into balance.Your body ph you.

Want to bring that acid ph back to normal.So what better way to do it than to add base alkaline chemistry to your body so by adding alkaline foods to your body you bring your ph back to normal.And you know, that’s one of the reasons why we see so much suffering nowadays in the world.It’s because mainly because one reason being our diets are extremely acidic and there’s not enough alkaline foods in our body.You know, alkaline foods are like your greens and most of your vegetables, your greens.And we’re not eating enough.

Of that so we wanted to balance out that body ph, make it less acidic by bringing in more alkaline foods into your diet and so that’s why we chose collard greens as being another ingredient.So, this is the juice that i drank every single day.Every single day i drank this juice and it took me about three to four months and you know, i went in for an ultrasound again and i actually i saw the change right after two to three weeks.After two to three weeks.

I felt a change where my periods had lessened, i wasn’t bleeding as much and then when i went in for another ultrasound in about four months my was surprised and she said, well, the fibroids have shrunk.You don’t have them any more.And i was so happy.I was so happy and i wanted to share it with all the women out there that are suffering from fibroids and i know that there are a lot of women out there and they’re looking for a natural cure, again, like akram said, it’s not going to happen overnight.You.

Have to be dedicated to the process and do it every single day and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.So here’s to all the women out there.Try it out and how’s it taste it’s great.Can i try it try it.It’s great.It’s perfect and one other thing, if you want to make a full jar that’s what i did every single day.I did a full jar of it.Make sure you put lemon in it because lemon will add as a preservative to the juice and.

You can store it.The next morning when i had to go to work i would make it overnight so that since i didn’t have enough time in the morning but i would have it for the morning breakfast and during the day too.You know, you have a jar full and you can take it out, drink it as much as you want.But here’s to all the women out there and i hope it helps.If you guys like this tutorial please hit the like button below and be sure to subscribe.

To our channel this is our first tutorial and we’ll be punching out more tutorials for you guys for those who are suffering and hopefully we can be of help to you guys and support.So please subscribe as well if you like this tutorial and if you liked it please hit the like button.And also, comment down below and let us know what do you do to make sure that you get juicing into your daily routine.So, like let us know what is something that you do for example, for us is that we prepare the juicer.We set it up the night before, right.

And we have it all set up and we have our fruits and vegetables already washed and in the fridge so that when we get up in the morning everything is ready to do.There’s no, you know, additional work and we get right to it and we drink our juice right after, you know the sooner you drink it the better so you know comment down below.Let us know what you do to make juicing a part of your daily habit and yeah, you know hope to hear from.

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