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Can Uterine Fibroids Delay Your Period

My period is more than 7 days long! One question Id have is what is normal. I do not think this is normal. The average duration is five to seven days, but that varies from person to person. What is normal should be measured by what is normal for you. Not this long.

Periods can last anywhere from three to ten days. if you normally bleed seven days and bleed eight, thats not bad. I do not normally bleed seven days. OK, if you bleed eight and normally do four, then you know there is a problem. So what is causing it? If you had a really light period, spotting and the later bleeding, I might say youd.

Had an early miscarriage. How could I tell the difference? I mean, a period usually means not pregnant, not that Im no longer pregnant. A positive pregnancy test today from the hormones that goes negative over a few days is a sign of that. Then again, if your period was really late due to stress or early pregnancy lost, it could last a long time, too.

I thought miscarriages were really heavy periods. They look like that, and the bleeding is worse the later on you are or if things do not flush out properly. Then I need to get to the . If you had a miscarriage and it is incomplete, youre opening yourself up literally to a massive infection. So if there is a chance you were pregnant, yeah, get to a fast.

But i do not think im pregnant. If you had a really long time without a period like a skipped period, then all the matter now is what did not come out last time. It is like the extra trips to take out the trash when you forgot last trash day. I heard this could be a sign of an infection or a hormonal imbalance. Maybe, which means seeing a . But be careful on those medical diagnostic websites.

Or youll walk away thinking you have the black death or beriberi. Beriberi is a disease of malnutrition. OK, youve been on the site too long. Maybe you have uterine fibroids bleeding regularly and mistake it for your period. I do not know if a cancer risk or hormonal problem is worse. You could just have an STD, irritating things internally, thickening the uterine lining.

What Causes Blood Clots During Periods Menstruation Her Body

So a viewer wrote in to me the other day wanting to know if it was normal that she sometimes gets blood clots in her period. Yes, that is completely normal actually your period it can range in color and consistency throughout the entire duration. So women do get blood clots in their period from.

Time to time here is basically what is happening. So your body produces something called anticoagulant and this job of anticoagulant is to keep your menstrual blood from clotting or sticking together now when you have a really heavy period.

And your period flow is going strongly than sometimes the anticoagulants don’t have enough time to keep getting so boom! a blood clot. So the clots can be bright red or they can be darker but they’re usually not bigger than about a quartersize if you have multiple clots especially on your heaviest day a bleeding which is when.

Clots tend to form it may look like your period more thick or more dense or even heavier. Now your blood then can also sometimes turned darkish brown even black toward the end of your period. Long story short blood clots in your period completely normal it happens to everybody not a big deal however if you feel that you are super super super tired or you’re losing crazy amount of blood or having.

All these crazy amount of blood clots and you’re very concerned about it there’s always go see a . So I know you guys only made it to the end part right now because you want click and subscribe to the channel right well you better you might as well because if you wanna learn all about your body.

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