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Can Uterine Fibroids Kill You

10 unknown fact about coffee everyone should know before drink 10. Caffeine could reduce skin softness and also increase allergiclike reactions. oversensitivity people may feel irritation on face and eyes, after taking small amount of Caffeine. 9. all diabetic patients should beware of Caffeine it can increase the sugar level of blood that causes kidney failure, obesity, brain stroke, heart blockage and lots more. Iron rich food is needed for diabetic patient but coffee affects iron absorption in your.

Stomach. diabetes is a mother of all disease. 8. excessive quantity of drinking coffee can change woman’s menstrual cycle. vasomotor symptoms will be increase because of over dose of Caffeine. 7. Tissue Cysts can be grow in Breast of woman due to taking more cups of coffee. women who drink over 500 mg per day has accrued the possibilities of developing fibrocystic breast and additionally Fibroid that grow from the muscle layers of the Uterus. Fibroid could.

Reduce 29% of fertility in women. 6. Stress, Tension, anxiety and depression are the fundamental reason behind Consuming excessive caffeine because These chemicals increase your bodys heart rate. 5. The more cups of coffee might kill your sleeping habit. therefore sleep disorder is generated by excess quantity of Consuming caffeine. 4. Consuming excessive caffeine has significant effects on your heart. A study conducted by.

lucio mos found that caffeine release 3 types of stress hormones name cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine which can Increase your heart attack risk. Take 2 cups of coffee is enough in a day specially for young adults and additionally for heart patient. 3. Caffeine increases stomach HCL acid level and acid should produce only to digest food. If you take coffe in empty stomach its can irritate your intestine for this reason those who take coffee more often in a day they may suffer from indigestion and acidity. Acid.

da Vinci robotic gynecologic surgery for fibroids

Ashley: two of my aunts had fibroids and they just took out their uterus. so they dont have any children. Saffer: Ashley has very large fibroids. It’s not a cancer. So it’s just an abnormal growth that just keeps on growing. If Ashley one day wants to get pregnant the only real option is removing the fibroids but not removing the uterus. Nurse: Youll get prepped and ready to go to surgery.

saffer: shes 20 and it’s very unusual to see fibroids this big, early on in life. Louella: Im Louella. Im Ashleys mom. Nurse: Her mom? Okay. Ashley: Im Alexis, her sister. Nurse: Okay very good. Saffer: This is a da Vinci SI System. The first component is the arms of the robot.

Maneuver very similarly to a human hand with perfect wrist movements. the second component is the actual surgical console. This manipulates the instruments on the robotic arms. When I put my head where the headpiece is, Im immersed in a 3D field, of fantastic resolution. Fibroids can start to twist on themselves. And that can cause excruciating pain. Ashley: It feels like something is like eating me from the inside out. My stomach rises up and it stiffens. Im going to kill you.

saffer: there are ways of removing fibroids, the conventional way is where you make a large incision and take them out. How you doing? Nurse: Hello. How are you Saffer: With Ashleys surgery theres no way we could do this minimally invasively if it wasnt for the robotic system. Im going to go through a couple of things, as to whats going to happen this morning. Well make little incisions in your tummy,.

And if we can safely take the fibroids out robotically, then thats what well do. Ashley: Mmhmm. Okay. Male: Ill kind of hold your hand while things are happening. Ashley: Yeah. Colleen: What seems very routine to us on a daytoday basis is not routine to our patients. Theyre in a world thats unfamiliar to them.

Nurse: just kind of nervous? Ashley: Yeah. Nurse: Thats alright. Colleen: We understand their fear. Were here to alleviate those fears. Nurse: Even nurses get nervous. I had surgery a couple months ago, they kept saying are you nervous? No, no, no, no, no, no. But when it got right down to the point it was yes,.

I was nervous. Colleen: All of us just as human beings want to know what to expect. Nurse: Hugs and smooches and see you later. Youre in great hands. Saffer: It’s the only robotic system thats dedicated to womens surgery in San Diego County. Nurse: Did you meet Sophia the robot?.

saffer: shell be out of the the next day. recovery instead of being six weeks, tends to be 10 days. We attach the robotic arms to the patient. And then Im right next to her, at the console during the surgery. Nurse: Wow. Saffer: The last thing that you need to do is to get that fibroid tissue out of the abdomen. And we use something called a morcelator. It is sucking the fibroid out. You take it.

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