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Fibroid Di Uterus

da Vinci robotic gynecologic surgery for fibroids

Ashley Two of my aunts had fibroids and they just took out their uterus. So they don't have any children. Dr. Saffer Ashley has very large fibroids. It's not a cancer. So it's just an abnormal growth that just keeps on growing. If Ashley one day wants to get pregnant the only real option is removing the fibroids but not removing the uterus. Nurse You'll get prepped and ready to go to surgery. Dr. Saffer She's 20 and it's very unusual to see fibroids this big, early on in life. Louella I'm Louella. I'm Ashley's mom.

Nurse Her mom Okay. Ashley I'm Alexis, her sister. Nurse Okay very good. Dr. Saffer This is a da Vinci SI System. The first component is the arms of the robot maneuver very similarly to a human hand with perfect wrist movements. The second component is the actual surgical console. This manipulates the instruments on the robotic arms. When I put my head where the headpiece is, I'm immersed in a 3D field, of fantastic resolution. Fibroids can start to twist on themselves. And that can cause excruciating pain. Ashley It feels like something is like eating me from the inside out. My stomach rises up.

And it stiffens. I'm going to kill you. Dr. Saffer There are ways of removing fibroids, the conventional way is where you make a large incision and take them out. How you doing Nurse Hello. How are you Dr. Saffer With Ashley's surgery there's no way we could do this minimally invasively if it wasn't for the robotic system. I'm going to go through a couple of things, as to what's going to happen this morning. We'll make little incisions in your tummy, and if we can safely take the fibroids out robotically, then that's what we'll do.

Ashley Mmhmm. Okay. Male I'll kind of hold your hand while things are happening. Ashley Yeah. Colleen What seems very routine to us on a daytoday basis is not routine to our patients. They're in a world that's unfamiliar to them. Nurse Just kind of nervous Ashley Yeah. Nurse That's alright. Colleen We understand their fear. We're here to alleviate those fears. Nurse Even nurses get nervous. I had surgery a couple months ago, they kept saying are you nervous No, no, no, no, no, no. But when it got right down to the point it was yes,.

I was nervous. Colleen All of us just as human beings want to know what to expect. Nurse Hugs and smooches and see you later. You're in great hands. Dr. Saffer It's the only robotic system that's dedicated to women's surgery in San Diego County. Nurse Did you meet Sophia the robot Dr. Saffer She'll be out of the hospital the next day. Recovery instead of being six weeks, tends to be 10 days. We attach the robotic arms to the patient. And then I'm right next to her, at the console during the surgery.

Nurse Wow. Dr. Saffer The last thing that you need to do is to get that fibroid tissue out of the abdomen. And we use something called a morcelator. It is sucking the fibroid out. You take it out through a small incision in the abdomen. And close up the middle incisions and we're done. The biggest hole is this one, and it's about a centimeter. How you doing Everything went very, very well. Louella Uhhuh. Dr. Saffer The good news is we did it all robotically, as we planned. She has a beautiful.

Signs My Uterus is Dropping

What are the signs my uterus is dropping Your uterus may feel like it is falling out after you've pushed a baby out. I think it actually is. The uterus only drops when the tissue and ligaments start to weaken to the point it can't hold everything in. That sometimes happens after childbirth. The baby's been out for quite a while. If the uterus is dropping, it is called a prolapsed uterus. There are stages ranging from drooping into the vagina to literally falling out of the body. That's like giving birth a second time.

No, but the solution may be. If the uterus muscles are so weak, you probably have a herniated bladder, too. I thought women often leaked after having had a baby. For the first few weeks as the pelvic area heals after pushing a bowling ball through a straw, yes. After that, an inability to control what you've controlled since you were two could mean there is a hernia or bulge in the abdominal wall. My understanding is that fixing a hernia is surgery. That's why I said it might be as bad as childbirth. The weakened muscles can even cause problems.

When you try to poop, even to the point you have to push in the vagina to pass a mass. This feels like the old joke push on your belly button to make someone's tongue stick out. And I really don't want to blame this plus the baby weight on the baby. This is not always the baby's fault. This same problem can occur if the muscles get way too weak with age or because of weight lifting. I've heard Crossfit could cause women to have an accident, but no one said anything like.

Good Foods for Diabetics Is it a Myth about Food Plans for Diabetics and what is Good

Hello my name is Samantha about good foods for diabetics and what if I told you that you could be completely healed from diabetes and on top of that with my will do that cheating would you be could actually be the difference between healing or just continuing this after he died he sent them its time in the new to learn about the best wouldbe seven and I D abortion on the phone companies are just holding their food will talk to me nor did I D soul much worse it no one gave your diabetes under control.

Type 2 Diabetes Combo Rx Approved

The US Food and Drug Administration today is approving a medication that combines two common type 2 diabetes treatments. I'm Rachelle Grossman with your latest health news. The medication, Glyxambi, combines two other drugs to improve blood sugar control. Researchers say half of the people living with type 2 diabetes do not achieve the recommended blood sugar, making new treatment options more important than ever. In type 2 diabetes, patients' bodies cannot properly process insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. Some patients who take the new medication may experience side effects, so talk to you doctor to see.

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Fibroids In Uterus Ex Sufferer Reveals The Facts

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5 Symptoms Of Fibroid Uterus..

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