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Fibroid Pain Worse During Ovulation

Getting Pregnant At 40 Ways To Increase Fertility

Hello i’m lisa and i have an unusual infertility cure story to share with you today it’s about how i got pregnant at 40 against all odds after battling socalled infertility for more than a decade for years every i went to told me that i was infertile and would never have any children of my own however i’ve since gotten pregnant twice at age 43 and 45 and i’m a proud mother of two beautiful healthy children how to do it well a lot of what really worked for me is stuff you probably won’t read.

About conventional medicine books or fertility magazines and i bet it will work for you too i’m going to tell you my story because it’s probably very similar to yours it doesn’t matter what health her fertility issues holding you back anyone who struggles with infertility will relate to this story and if you watch this entire tutorial which will not be online for long i’ll do more than just tell you a story i’ll give you the solution i discovered and used to get pregnant twice after years of desperate attempt in this tutorial i’m going to show.

You how to reverse the root cause of your infertility in the next 30 to 60 days so you can get pregnant at 40 naturally within four to eight short weeks from now the method i’m going to discuss with you today works even if you’re in your late thirties or forties several women aged 45 to 47 and even a fifty oneyearold all tagged as hopelessly infertile by s got pregnant at 40 and gave birth to healthy children despite all odds by following the pregnancy miracle program you have to believe struction you have high levels of fsh.

You have ovarian cysts uterine fibroids you have a history of miscarriages your male partner has low sperm count or has low sperm motility i don’t know how long this tutorial will be up so please be sure to watch it from beginning to end while it’s still here let me reiterate if you watch this tutorial from start to finish and follow what i teach i can almost guarantee that you’ll get pregnant at 40 in the next two months now i know what you’re thinking listen i’ve tried every increase infertility treatment out there yet i just could not.

Get pregnant at 40 stop right there this is not another sales page for infertility medication or some magical cream another pitch for iui ivf procedures another crazy diet or herbal remedy another weird vitamin or mineral therapy this is real information that you can use right now you might be wondering who i am and why am sharing this critical material with you my name is lisa olson and i’m a certified nutrition specialist health consultant medical researcher speaker and author i’m also a former infertility suffer over the past 14.

Years i’ve helped thousands of women in a hundred and thirty countries get pregnant naturally at 40 and give birth to healthy children and today i would like to help you that’s right in just four to eight short weeks from now you could be sending baby shower invitations to your friends and family chances are i know exactly how you feel because i’ve been there myself and seen it with thousands of my clients maybe you’re extremely confused about your infertility condition and don’t know how to reverse it you’re angry and.

Distressed about not being able to conceive despite all your effort you’re fed up with all the empty promises quick fix scams and expensive treatments that haven’t worked you want something that works and works quickly to get pregnant now and have the child you’ve always dreamed of you just downright frustrated because you know there must be an answer to your problem but you just haven’t been able to find it well you just found it imagine this you wake up one morning four to six weeks from now check the results of your fertility kit and discover that your.

Pregnant suddenly there’s no more depression frustration anger envy her guilt is only peace and pure joy people say that you glow and they’re right you feel mentally clear later happier healthier and more energetic than you have been ages ago to be a mother and hold your new baby in your arms nothing can compare to that like many young newlyweds my husband and i didn’t want children at first but after five years of marriage we were ready we jumped headlong into the quest to get pregnant at 40.

Only it didn’t happen why we began to wonder after several months sure i was now in my mid thirties but i was healthy and i never had any indication that getting pregnant at 40 would be a problem what should have been easy suddenly became very very difficult he never failed at anything before and this was not something we were prepared to fail at so we kept trying and trying and trying sex was now with a purpose done with my temperature dictated it became a means to an end result lacking the excitement and passion it once held after more than.

A year of frustration our relationship began to feel the strain i was moody and shorttempered often on the verge of tears couldn’t bear to watch other woman’s pregnant bellies grow while mine remained an empty tomb what’s wrong with me and wondered why can’t they do what every other woman can accomplish so easily tired of blaming each other for our inability to conceive decided to face our fears and get tested for a variety of infertility issues unfortunately like so many other couples discover the answers we desperately wanted weren’t available to us more frustrated than ever we learned that.

There was no clearcut reason for our inability to conceive neither of us exhibited any physical physiological and biochemical reason to prevent pregnancy the experts dubbed us with nonspecific infertility and suggested that we distress and keep trying that’s when i decided to take matters into my own hands so i started researching every aspect of infertility i spent hours at the library swallowing stacks of books journals and magazines about infertility hormonal balancing oriental medicine and nutrition i talked with s and researchers worldwide about al trials in new treatment strategies and.

Pick the brains of every obgyn herbalist homeopath and naturopath kind enough to let me their time i tried every infertility treatment known to science and natural health with hope that it would make a difference and help me get pregnant at 40 before long it was taking more than a dozen vitamins and mineral supplement every day and having my husband do the same i became convinced that preconception care was the key to conception we started exercising eating organic and avoiding toxins wherever we could we even followed by a rhythmic lunar cycle to determine my most fertile times we tried.

Everything but i still could not get pregnant at 40 the vast majority of these techniques and socalled treatments either made me feel worse or simply didn’t work i realize the hard way that there were no magic pills or fix it all products to help you get pregnant changing your diet and taking certain supplements may increase your chances of getting pregnant at 40 but when the real cause of your infertility is neglected the chances of success are slim i truly felt like a prisoner in my own body i.

Remember telling myself give up let it go everyone has a cross to bear and yours is infertility stop fighting and accepted maybe the sounds just like you well today i’m a different person it took several more years of research but i began to see some connections once i understood that a real cure could only be achieved if the underlying root cause and the circumstances that promote infertility were dealt with i began to realize the importance of treating the entire body from the inside out i began to gather information about every.

Infertility therapy i could find it didn’t matter if 100,000 people said it worked i gave it a try each new remedy i documented how it worked its side effects and other important information hundreds of therapies later i began to look for a pattern exploring of some treatments could be combined for maximum effect what i discovered was amazing after 12 painful years finally i became pregnant with my daughter at 43 and gave birth to my son at 45 my wanted to know how i had done it she was.

Utterly amazed when i outlined my program i think you might have something here she said i’d ask if you whether infertility suffers to try it two following her advice i sent off my protocol to several dozen infertility suffers and waited for their feedback it didn’t take long before i began receiving emails and phone calls from women all over the world telling me how they got pregnant by program was working more and more people were asking me for help my was right i was on to something and needed to share my discovery with the world the first thing.

I discovered in my twelve years of research was that almost everyone is getting ripped off by the drug and pharmaceutical companies did you know that the four billion dollar increase fertility industry is completely unregulated you need to realize this the vast majority of conventional infertility treatment providers don’t want you to get pregnant after 40 because when you do they lose a customer the second thing i discovered is that almost everyone is dead wrong in the way they treat infertility it’s a fact the methods you’re using to enhance your fertility now might be.

Severely damaging your internal health there’s a better way to get the job done and it’s amazingly fenced i’m going to share with you five powerful keys to overcome infertility for good key number one increase fertility drugs may increase the rate of ovarian cancer a study in the new england journal of medicine found a higher rate of ovarian cancer among women who took infertility drugs validating concerns regarding the safety of these chemicals over 3,000 women participated in the study those who had taken clomid which induces ovulation with three times more likely.

To get ovarian cancer than those who had taken no drugs increase fertility drugs in most cases will not fix the underlying cause of your problem and can even make your health worse in the long run key number two in vitro fertilization can lead to risky multiple pregnancies and baby brain damage it’s a known fact that many ivf treatments result in twin triplet and even quadruplets pregnancies multiple pregnancy carries an increased risk of serious consequences including premature birth mental retardation neurological disorders and breathing problems the risk of cerebral palsy.

Brain damage in the babies is increased ninefold key number three despite what some s may say there is a strong link between diet and infertility but diet alone cannot cure infertility recent studies have found a strong connection between diet and infertility the wrong diet is now thought to be one of the leading factors contributing to infertility it can negatively affect your acid alkaline balance immune system hormonal regulation and toxin elimination seriously hinder your chances of getting pregnant at 40 that said infertility is a complex condition that.

Is triggered by multiple underlying factors hence the only way to truly reverse this problem is to tackle all of these contributing factors holistically since the wrong diet is only 10 fertility hindering factors in most cases no special diet will help you get pregnant at 40 key number for infertility is not just a localized problem with your reproductive system but a warning signal of a serious inner imbalance let’s make this clear in most cases infertility is not just a localized problem with your uterus eggs tubes etc or your partner’s sperm count motility your reproduction system is.

Intelligent enough to know when your internal environment is unsafe for a new baby so many women who suffer from ovarian cysts fibroids insulin resistance or other hormonal related disorders find it almost impossible to get pregnant over 40 moreover failing to treat these disorders in a timely manner often leads to surgery rendering you unable to have children by using drugs or painful procedures to shut your body’s alarm system you’re practically ignoring your body’s messages and neglecting the root cause of your problem making your condition worse in the long run by addressing in reversing.

The root cause of your infertility you can restore the natural balance of your internal reproductive environment making it more suitable for conceiving healthy baby key number five the only proven way to reverse infertility and get pregnant at 40 naturally and safely infertility issues are a strong indication that the balance of your internal environment is disrupted many internal and external factors including physical psychological causes contribute to the state only by working synergistically with your body to holistically eliminate the root cause of your infertility disorder can you restore your natural internal balance.

And enhance your reproductive environment to facilitate a healthy pregnancy let me introduce you to my best selling program pregnancy miracle a ally proven holistic fivestep plan for permanently reversing female and male infertility getting pregnant naturally in four to six weeks and having healthy babies the pregnancy miracle program has been successfully used by thousands of couples struggling with all kinds of fertility problems in fact over a hundred and thirtyseven thousand women in a hundred and thirty countries have used the system already to become pregnant faster than they ever thought.

Possible it’s literally the only program you’ll ever need to naturally eliminate all types of infertility of all levels of severity the pregnancy miracle program will enable you to reverse your or your partners increase fertility naturally and safely within eight weeks get pregnant in two months and give birth to healthy children optimize the efficiency of your and your partner’s reproductive systems reduce the risk of miscarriage and other pregnancyrelated complications avoid the expense risks and side effects of drugs and surgeries eliminate symptoms of hormonal disorders and balance your hormonal production fight depression.

Mood swings pms and anxiety eliminate bloating and digestive disorders get healthier hair skin and nails feel lighter healthier and more energetic pregnancy miracle is different from any other information sources solution because its customizable for your unique condition it was developed by a real infertility suffer it’s an interactive program that will enhance your fertility while you’re on the program pregnancy miracle works for all types of infertility even if you were in late thirties or forties you have to believe destruction or high levels of fsh you have pcos or endometriosis.

You have uterine fibroids or uterus qari you have ovarian cysts or lazy ovaries you have a history of miscarriages your male partner has low sperm count motility take you inside my program in just a minute but first let me share some feedback from people who have tried the system nearly sent after seven years of trying to conceive i finally got pregnant at 40 four weeks after i read your book and followed your program it was simply amazing i had a history of miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic.

Problems by using your system i got pregnant naturally at age 44 and after two hrs geez and for negative i you ice including six clomid induction cycles and laparoscopy everything in your book makes sense i’m recommending your program to all my friends god bless you nickel terry 44 melbourne australia dear lisa after going through three failed ivf cycles and several are you eyes without any results i started my journey at the age of 37 as i couldn’t accept the fact that i wouldn’t have any children of my own by sheer accident i.

Found your book in may 2007 i implemented most of your guidelines exactly as instructed in the book and found myself holding a positive home pregnancy test in less than five weeks after over seven years of trying to conceive and thousands of dollars spent on infertility treatments i actually succeeded to get pregnant the natural way without any drugs or medical intervention all because of a book that cost less than $40 i’m going to have my first baby in one month i still cannot believe it best character in melbourne australia lisa i was diagnosed with pcos and.

Premature ovarian failure three years ago and was told by my fertility but i had little hope of having a baby it was pretty much given no hope and had nothing to strive for opt for as a last effort my mother taught me your wonderful book it has been the greatest gift i have ever received and a true life changes thanks to your program i’m on the road to becoming a mother and i owe it all to you jeffey silverstein 42 ohio usa i wanted to thank you for this wonderful program.

After years of trying to conceive and a failed ivf and failed f et i ordered your pregnancy miracle according to my infertility it was very unlikely that i could become pregnant with my own eggs but here i am pregnant at 40 for the first time in life i got pregnant naturally just two months after my failed f et and after following your plan i’m now seven months pregnant i was spreading this miracle story to whomever i meet who suffers from infertility kind regards and thank you lisa my defenses you can.

Hello lisa i have no words to express my gratitude i have bought with infertility issues for more than a decade my obgyn said a year ago that one of my tubes was blocked and insisted that i v f was the only option left for me i was desperate and terrified i had read many awful stories about the side effects the low success rate and pain involved with the ivf procedure so my husband and i kept looking for a natural alternative we almost gave up and then i.

Found your website i immediately ordered your book and started the program along with my husband who had poor sperm motility an issue that your program addresses as well after two months of trying i got pregnant at 40 with my first baby boy with one block to and to ovarian cysts i think this is nothing short of a miracle thank you for everything lisa macleod ‘ ontario canada hi lisa what a great book you’ve written as soon as i started reading i felt like it was the perfect gift for women with infertility issues i’m a counselor who works with.

Couples with infertility concerns and have found your work to be extremely helpful for me and for my customers i’ve been recommending an encouraging all my clients to order your book with your wise words of experience and alternative techniques you have delivered hope for anyone who is struggling to get pregnant at 40 that’s a person ireland here are just a few of the unique things you’ll find inside the pregnancy miracle program they ally proven fivestep pregnancy miracle system simply follow the steps in the order they appear and.

You’re almost sure to get pregnant naturally within four to eight weeks using modern alternative medicine with powerful ancient chinese techniques top 10 foods you should never eat when you’re trying to get pregnant after 40 including a certain beverage that can decrease your chances of conceiving by 50 percent the most potent method of strengthening your organs of elimination this important step alone has done wonders for thousands of infertility suffers faster than they ever thought possible the whole truth about how to get together the right way using ancient.

Chinese secrets for making sex work to your advantage the signs of fertility that are crucial to your success the secret 100 natural hormonal balancing supplement that you should take on a daily basis it’s guaranteed to make a dramatic impact sometimes in a matter of days the crucial link between insulin resistance ovarian cysts and infertility and how to reverse this problem one simple task you can do to determine exactly when you ovulate so you don’t miss your fertility window 7 vital nutritional foundations for an effective fertility boosting program.

The most uptodate instructions for using acupuncture and acupressure to cleanse your energy for conception an exclusive proven technique that shortcuts your way to success by turning an ovulatory cycles into angela tory ones 17 common household products you must avoid that interfere with your hormonal balance and significantly hinder your increase fertility one makeup ingredient that can significantly hinder your chances of getting pregnant at 40 and ingenious method to cleanse your digestive organs and get rid of chemicals that mimic hormones to aggravate your condition the threepart secret to conceiving a healthy fetus this technique has been voted the best.

Buy dozens of my clients the most potent vitamins that can improve the quality of your cervical mucus dramatically three simple things that your partner can do to increase sperm count and motility shocking swept under the rug factor that can ruin your chances of getting pregnant at 40 the number one vegetable that has been shown to boost your chances of getting pregnant over 40 three easy to find minerals that you need to increase your chances of conception the only oil you should be consuming to boost your chances of pregnancy over 40 the.

Truth about fasting and cleanses you could be risking your future baby’s life by doing it wrong one supplement you need to avoid to prevent neurological damage to your future newborn the right frequency for having sex when you’re trying to get pregnant especially if your husband has low sperm count this one simple change can fix the problem without embarrassing your men top herds that can boost your chances of having a baby throughout the book you’ll find stepbystep instructional diagrams and illustrations that will guide you to reverse your infertility faster than you.

Ever thought possible now here’s what’s really great you don’t have to wait more than a minute to get my revolutionary infertility cure system today in fact you’ll have instant access to the entire pregnancy miracle system in about 30 seconds and there is more for a limited time i’m also giving away some incredible three bonuses on this number one pregnancy week by week this exclusive report takes you through each stage of pregnancy and comes with a complete set of images of the developing baby at different stages discover what biological changes to expect during.

Pregnancy weekbyweek 1995 value yours free bonus number to seven thousandplus baby names with meanings this special guide contains seven thousandplus baby names along with the meanings and origins of each with hundreds of unique names from many different languages you can choose the perfect name for your future child 1995 value yours free mp3 from pms to ppd understanding the faces of the female body if you’ve ever wondered why some women suffer from pms do you want to know more about postpartum depression or the changes that menopause incurs itself this.

Special ebook offers detailed information on everything you need to know about the faces of women’s bodies from menstruation to menopause and everything in between 3795 value dealers free bonus number for the ultimate guide to relaxation are you sick of the constant stress and mind numbing pace this guide is just what you need to finally rid yourself of stress and welcome relaxation once and for all managing stress and knowing how to relax are both vital to overcoming infertility and leading a happy life ’97 value yours free bonus number five free lifetime updates this program is by far the most.

Effective method for getting pregnant quickly and naturally however always continue to research and refine what i’ve learned to make this program even better in the near future i plan on offering this program including several exclusive bonus reports in special updates only as part of a membership package at a substantially higher price however order now and you’re guaranteed to get all future reports for free for life when an updated edition of pregnancy miracle is released you’ll get it for free to all simply contact you through email and send you.

Instant download instructions so you can stay totally up to date on the latest infertility breakthroughs $27 value yours free super bonus free oneonone counseling with me for three months only a few spots left yes three private counseling from a certified nutritionist and a lifelong medical researcher is just an email away if at any time you feel confused you can have your questions answered privately by me just email me and you’ll get an answer and 24 hours the service is really priceless will always feel that someone is there for you to offer support encouragement and help you stay.

On track and get pregnant as quickly as possible of course there’s obviously a limit to the number of emails i can answer it day so no matter how committed i feel to help couples overcome infertility this invaluable personal guidance won’t be offered for long i’m already counseling hundreds of women and there are only a few spots left so you must hurry to put this service this private counseling is valued at $197 but you get it for free in the pregnancy miracle package today when i went to fertility experts i paid hundreds of.

Dollars for each one hour counseling session ivf treatments can also cost about $10,000 for each procedure and they don’t always work but you’re not gonna pay anything near that the entire pregnancy miracle package has a retail price tag of three hundred and $23.85 but hold on you’re not going to pay 300 bucks he won’t even take half of that in fact not even 49 bucks for a limited time only and only through my special link here you’ll get it all the entire pregnancy miracle system plus all six bonuses including the threemonth.

Personal counseling with me and a two month money back no questions and no hassles guarantee for only $47 can you believe it you get the complete pregnancy miracle solution for only $47 if you think about it in terms of getting pregnant in eight weeks from now this comes out to only 67 cents per day imagine yourself in four to eight weeks from now are you still heartbroken feeling hopeless and frustrated because you’re not pregnant or are you shopping for maternity clothes and having a huge party to celebrate your success after.

All this time the choice is yours you still have hope of getting pregnant if you’re ready to do what it takes then join thousands of people around the world and order this program today right now is your chance to start the path to motherhood up tomorrow not next week but now isn’t it time you tried something that actually works all you have to do to get started right now is to take me up on my zero risk offer just click the button below this tutorial and it’s all.

How to Perform the Iodine Patch Test

Today i’d like to explain how to perform the iodine patch test.Iodine is important for the proper function of your thyroid, and every cell in your body.Without it, your body won’t produce enough thyroxin, which is a hormone that balances your metabolism.So how do you know if your iodine deficient one method is to perform the simple iodine patch test.First, you need to acquire a solution or tincture of iodine.Make sure the solution is colored orange and not clear.Detoxadine will work for this test just fine.Second, paint a 3×3.

Inch square with the iodine on preferably your abdomen, inner thigh, or the inner portion of your forearm, or upper arm.Do this in the morning and allow it to dry.Throughout the day, check the color of the patch.If it’s still there after 12 hours, then your results are normal.If the patch disappears, than it may indicate that your body in some way is deficient.Be sure to use an iodine solution that is meant to be applicable to the skin.Also remember that as a home test, this is not something you can make a guaranteed.

Natural PCOS Treatment Options Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Hi this tarrin p.Lupo and today we’re going to talk about polycystic ovary syndrome or pcos Tarrin p.Lupo let’s talk about polycystic ovary syndrome, to understand it you first have to understand how ovaries are normally supposed to work.What happens is as you develop eggs they actually come to the surface of the ovary via a cyst, so multiple cysts will develope at one time inside an ovary.The dominant cyst or the one that grows the most will actually be the one to pop in release an egg.

All the rest so this this that develop come straight back down and get reabsorbed into the ovary.During polycystic ovary syndrome something goes wrong.Those cysts that are supposed to get reabsorbed don’t.Although they don’t release eggs they still form all over the ovaries you get multiple cysts.These cysts then go on to produce extra hormones that shouldn’t be there and this causes most to the symptomology of polycystic ovary syndrome.The ultimate reason this happens is actually kinda surprising, it’s a sugar regulation problem people who are insulinresistant or have.

Insulin surges, develop pcos.Insulin resistance is kinda fancy way of saying your prediabetic or you’re about to develop diabetes.You can no longer regulate blood sugar correctly.Most insulin resistance happens due to a lifetime up a bad diet.Things like eating too much meat, fat ,oils and especially refined carbohydrates can set this in motion.The insulin resistance actually wreaks havoc on your hormonal system especially and enzyme called 1720 lyase.This will promote testosterone production where you shouldn’t really be making it.This rise in testosterone is a problem.

But what also happens are the cells on the ovaries, the theca cells, they also produce too much estrogen too.This causes a weird mix up symptoms at present in pcos patients.Sometimes they’ll end up growing hair when they’re not supposed to grow hair or they’ll get adult cystic acne.The other issues is they have a real problems with carrying a baby.Infertility is the main reason pcos is such a problem.Insulin resistance is the ultimate cause of all these problems not only that but the surges in insulin and testosterone.

Create a vicious negative feedback loop and will perpetuate the insulin resistance.It also causes thyroid problems.Later on you can develop autoimmune thyroid problems, with this condition.One of the sad things is some women spend fortunes trying to get pregnant carry a baby in never have pcos actually regulated or managed.This is the the main reason women have infertility problems and they can’t carry a child.Ultimately it’s because their diet.Pcos is really affected by insulin surges and you’re kinda see two presentations with this.You’ll see people who are insulin resistance and you’ll see the other side.

Of the coin, people who are hypoglycemic.A good way to tell the difference is usually look at the body most to the people who are insulin resistant have very stubborn weight they can’t get rid of.On the other side the coin you’ll see hypoglycemics who are usually skinny pcos’s, and often misdiagnosed.Also, one last thing about pcos a lot of women get problems with their menstrual cycle so they either have irregular periods, very long painful periods or they don’t even have periods at all when they get stressed out.

So there are natural ways to manage this.This is really about controlling insulin resistance, you want to use the same diet a diabetic would use in order to reduce your acne, your facial hair, your infertility and your menstrual problems.If you adopt that kind of diet where you reduce your meat oil, and especially your refined sugars you’ll see a vast improvement.Ultimately a plantbased diet is going to be the best direction to go for this condition so just stay on top your diet if you want to manage your pcos.

Reflexology for Fibroids Massage Monday 274

Hi everyone, this is yasuko and it’s time for massage monday.Per viewer’s request this week i’m going to show you some reflexology point for fibroids.The uterus point in reflexology is between the inner ankle bone and the heel.Press this point hard 20 times with your thumb downward.Instead of just using your thumb to press, wrap your fingers on the ankle to stabilize and use the entire arm to press it.Pressing this point may be very painful.Repeat on the other side.To make it more effective, add the following points before you press the uterus point.

There is a kidney point right in the center of the foot.And there is a bladder point at the bottom of the arch.In between these points is the ureter.Press the kidney point 20 times with your index finger joint.Rock your body to save your finger.Then glide down the ureter 20 times.Then press the bladder point 20 times.Do this every day for 69 weeks.If this hurts your finger you can use something with round tip such as this sharpee.Hope this helps.Thanks for watching.I’ll see you back next week.Make it a great week.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Hey guys, Axe here, of functional medicine and founder of draxe.Today i want to share with you the incredible benefits of turmeric.Listen to this.This will blow your mind.There are over 6,000 al studies proving turmeric to be maybe the number one healing herb available today.This herb, that most of you can find probably in your own kitchen cabinet, has been used for over 5,000 years.It’s referenced throughout history.It’s used throughout asia today, especially india and china.It’s been found to be probably more beneficial than at least 20 different medications out.

There today.The reason why turmeric is so beneficial is it contains an active compound called curcumin.Curcumin or curcumenoids, which there are many different types, are highly antiinflammatory.If you want to harness the benefits of turmeric, i’m going to go through some of the benefits.Number one, turmeric, again being antiinflammatory, can help relieve pain.If you struggle with chronic joint pain, muscle pain, whether it be something like fibromyalgia or arthritis, turmeric can help because of its antiinflammatory properties.Number two, turmeric can also help with blood sugar.If you have issues like diabetes or.

Low energy levels, we know turmeric, because of its antioxidants, can help balance out those blood sugar levels.Number three, turmeric has antimicrobial properties.In fact, many women today actually use turmeric as a face mask.You can simply mix a little bit of turmeric with raw honey, rub it on your face, and then wash it off about five minutes later.You can make a turmeric face mask mixing it with raw money.Also, you can actually use some essential oils like frankincense would be great as well.Put it on your face.Wash it off.It has incredible benefits of.

Killing off different types of bacteria like acne.Also, turmeric has been shown to be very powerful when it comes to detoxification.It does support liver detoxification and boosting two antioxidants in your body called glutathione and sod, that’s superoxide dismutase.These are very important antioxidants for cellular function.Also, turmeric has been shown to be effective at cleaning out your arteries.If you have high cholesterol issues or high blood pressure, we know turmeric is helpful for that.If you have plaque in your arteries, turmeric and curcumin have been shown to be effective.

Those are just really a few of the benefits of turmeric.There are numerous other benefits.If you go throughout the medical literature, you’ll see it’s been shown to be beneficial for just about everything because it’s highly antiinflammatory, it supports detoxification, it’s so high in antioxidants, and it has antimicrobial properties.The benefits of turmeric are numerous.I want to mention a few ways to get more turmeric in your diet.The number one thing i do is i drink a turmeric tea every day.I take a tablespoon of turmeric with a little bit of.

Coconut milk and then make an herbal tea with it.That’s one way i get it.You can check out the recipe on my website.Just look up Axe turmeric tea.You can find my exact turmeric tea recipe for that.Another thing you can do with it is add it to let’s say chicken breading.I tend to bread my chicken.If i fry up some coconut chicken tenders, i’ll use a little bit of coconut flakes and gluten free flour.I also add turmeric to that as well.Also, i’ll sprinkle turmeric.

In my burger meat and eat it that way.I then call it a power burger because of all the health benefits.I’ll sprinkle it on my salad as well.Also, you can take turmeric in a capsule form.Take about two capsules a day or 500 to 1000 milligrams a day is another great way to get some turmeric in your diet.There are a lot of ways whether you take it in supplement form, in a tea form, or add it to any different type of food.One more, i love adding it to my hummus.In fact, i make a curry hummus.Turmeric is the.

Active ingredient or the number one ingredient that you’re going to find in curry powder today which is so popular in india.There are a lot of different ways to add turmeric to your diet.I recommend you try that.Again, remember the face mask is another great way to get it in there too.Hey, if you want to learn more benefits of healing herbs, make sure you subscribe here to the Axe youtube channel and check out some of my other tutorials on super healing herbs like ginger which is turmeric’s cousin which also has some great benefits as well.

Urinary Tract Infections Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Natural ayurvedic home remedies for urinary tract infections.Drink plenty of water.Take 1 cup of hot water and add 2tsp coriander powder and mix well.Drink 2 times a day.Take 12 cup of water and boil to that add few parsley leaves and steep for few minutes and stir it.Drink 2 times a day.Eat cucumber slices.Have it every day.Drink cranberry juice.Have it 3 times a day.Take a cup of water add 1tsp of indian gooseberry powder and 1tsp of turmeric powder and boil the solution.

Living with Endometriosis NO MORE How Jannelle Got Rid of her Symptoms

Music alright this is john kohler with okraw, today we have another exciting episode for you, and we’re coming at you from the 2014 woodstock food festival.I’ve met so many different cool people here at the woodstock food festival and today i wanted to share with you guys one of them that i met not at this year’s, but prior years woodstock food festivals, and she’s an awesome lady here, and her name is janelle lemoine.You can check her out on instagram and youtube at mangomove.And she’s been into raw foods now for nearly two years 100 percent, and the reason why.

I wanted to bring her on the show today is because she healed a disease in her body that many people may live with for the rest of their life, and there possibly being no known medical cure for, it’s actually called endometriosis.And if you know what endometriosis is, you possibly have it, maybe you’re watching this tutorial and if you don’t, we’re going to find out what it is because i have no clue.So janelle what is endometriosis so endometriosis is when there’s certain cells that line uterus that are called endometrial.

Cells.And instead of those cells growing on the inside of the uterus like they’re supposed to, they grow on the outside of the uterus and latch onto organs and scar, so they can latch onto your colon, your ovaries, your fallopian tubes, your rectum, and they can just attach onto those and scar, and i had very severe contraction episodes with it.I would bleed for months straight.I got diagnosed with it through a laparoscopy surgery because they actually can’t tell if you physically have endometriosis without going inside of you and looking.So i had that done and then i was put on really heavy medication.

To try and control it, which was not working at all.So is there any cure from the medical system for this situation or do people live with this for their whole life or do they live actually a shortened life, because it sounds like it’s very painful, not comfortable and can cause a lot of problems.It can definitely cause infertility, that’s one of the main things i know that it can cause, but there is no cure, that’s what i was told from my medical when i was.

Going to a medical for this disease, and so i was going to be on medication for the rest of my life, there was a possibility of becoming infertile, so it was a pretty scary thing to feel like i had to live with for the rest of my life because it was so painful and so detrimental to my everyday life.So in what ways did it actually affect your life i definitely couldn’t go to classes and schooling or basically i would have to be bedridden all the time, and i was dealing with other medical issues at that time as.

Well, so it was definitely just another blow to my system where i would have these episodes where i just physically couldn’t leave my bed from a fetal position clenching every muscle in my body so i wouldn’t feel the pain i had to feel and when i was menstruating for months straight it was very difficult to know when i had to be prepared for that, because it would just flare up unknowingly, so that was another issue, but it was definitely very hard.Wow.Yeah it sounds very difficult.So how.

Did you turn all this around i mean you look fine and great today and healthy and all.So i came to this woodstock food festival in 2012 because i knew that raw foods was the answer to help me to heal myself because i was dealing with this and another, i was dealing with chronic migraines and ibs as well.So i knew i had to come here to learn about the lifestyle i was trying to follow which was the 801010 diet, and through coming to this festival, i then went to do a water fast with Douglas graham in 2013 in january,.

And through that fast i did 25 days on water only, and i through that fast have basically cured my endometriosis, my chronic migraines, and ibs.I no longer have any symptoms of any of those, i haven’tit completely changed my entire life, i’ve never felt healthier, i don’t have to deal with my chronic pain and sickness like i used to deal with, i had all of those issues for six years straight, it was so painful, and now i’m actually able to live my life thanks to this festival, thanks to Graham and the water.

Fast and finding out how to properly follow the 801010 diet through that experience as well.And i’m just so grateful because i’m actually living my life for the first time, and it feels really great to be able to do that.Wow, i mean, just like janelle, i too, my life was saved by the power of raw foods and simply eating fruits and vegetables as what i eat.I had spinal meningitis which was actually caused by complement immune deficiency which is basically an immune disorder that the s.

Blamed on my genes, that i had a weak immune system that i could come down with any kind of illness or sickness, and because my immune system was not able to fight it off i might lose my life.So after i got through the spinal meningitis i can only say through higher powers i needed to learn how to basically detoxify my body, get all the stuff and the junk that i’ve been accumulating over the years out, so this is kind of what janelle did with her water fast, i did it with juice fasting and colon cleansing.And then after that i got.

Actually into the raw foods and into juicing and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.So janelle, you’ve never had any problems with migraines or anything after changing your diet, is that correct that’s correct, i definitely haven’t.I actually had to go to a gynecologist to make sure, because i haven’t menstruated since the fast.And some people could think oh my gosh, what’s happening, you’re not menstruating, that’s a problem, you need to go see someone.So per my mom’s request i went to go see a gynecologist and to see what was happening in here, but i felt.

Completely fine.So i got an ultrasound done to see and to make sure i was still ovulating and still fertile, and i totally am completely ovulating, i have eggs, and i’m fertile and so, it’s definitely good to see that and to know that i’m very fertile and that i’m ovulating and that nothing’s happening that’s wrong.So now you’re able to have kids one day, do you want to have kids one day at this point in time i’m not wanting to have kids, but maybe in the future.I definitely.

Experienced a lot of the pain i feel that comes with childbirth already so, i’m good for right now.But now she has the ability to have kids if she does choose to in the future, and if she would have stuck on the traditional path that the s had said, high probability that she might not be fertile today.So janelle, what would you say to a lady out there that’s watching that may have this specific condition that you got over, what would you recommend to them if you were to do it again today,.

What would you do i mean to do what i did again which was that water fast, that completely just 100 percent made it so that i wasn’t struggling with endometriosis anymore, as well as following this raw food diet i believe that if you’re following a diet comprised completely of raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds that you can help kick start and cure the ailments and diseases that you’re dealing with, i feel like this diet, i’ve seen it change so many people’s lives, and it’s truly.

What i think we’re supposed to biologically be eating, and so i’m very grateful for it, and to be able to have found this diet, and i really hope that if anyone has endometriosis that you can see me as an example that it can be cured, and that you don’t have to suffer with it, you don’t have to suffer with the pain and the bleeding and the medications.The funny thing is, when i actually got diagnosed with endometriosis, and then i was put on medications was then what kick started these contraction episodes and the pains and the.

Bleeding.I never had those severe episodes until i got put on medication for it, so that was something that didn’t seem right.I knew, why am i now having all these intense symptoms i never used to have so then i completely stopped my medication i was on right before i went out to fast, and i haven’t taken any one medication since.So it’s definitely, if you allow your body to heal, it will.And if you give it the energy to heal by fasting or juice feasting, it will use that energy towards healing your ailments and making you.

Feel better and giving you a better life.Wow, i mean yeah, i definitely agree, fasting can be very helpful, be sure to check my channel for other tutorials on fasting.Actually one of the things i did for my parents, because they’re getting older and they have also had some health challenges, you know the first thing i did was to send them to a fasting center that’s in their area.Actually my dad went first, probably ten years ago or something now, and he did a 30 day water fast, and then i sent my mom there, and the s.

Decided it was not the proper thing for her to do to water fast, so they put her on a juice fast, fully medically supervised, so be sure to check other tutorials for the episode on that.So janelle if there’s somebody out there that wants to contact you or learn more about what you went through, do you have a blog or website where you share this process, and maybe are you going to write a book someday about this i would love to write a book one day about my healing journey and maybe some recipes.

In there.On my youtube channel i have a vlog every day out at my water fast with Douglas graham.I did a vlog every day of what i was feeling and my symptoms, and the recovery i had out there afterwards.And so those vlogs are on there, i just did a watermelon island, and i have all t hose vlogs, i did a 21 days on only watermelon, and i have tutorials up of my dancing, because that’s my passion in life, that’s on my channel as well and my.

Instagram i post very daily on pictures that inspire you to eat more raw fruits and vegetables with recipes that i make.And so mango move is my instagram and youtube channel name.So you can find me on there and facebook is my name janelle lemoine.Awesome, she’s an awesome young lady, be sure to check her out, i’m glad i’ve met her two years ago at the woodstock now, and she’s following the path and helping to encourage and teach others, and just simply share her story, because we all have a story,.

And it’s my true belief that if we eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and get in a more natural diet, the body literally heals itself, right the drugs don’t do that.As you heard janelle say they caused extra effects.Now were these side effects, or were these just effects because with any chemical or thing you put in your body there’s always a reaction too.So yeah, start eating a fresh fruit and vegetable diet, detoxify, get on track, and i’m confident, so many people i’ve talked to i’ve heard testimonials from have healed.

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Fibroids miracle review discount link fibroidsmiraclereviewif.Us fibroids miracle review natural cures for uterine fibroids by thomas k expert author thomas k have you been suffering from painful urination have you been having bouts of dysmenorrhea are you experiencing pain during sexual intercourse if you have been suffering from any of these three conditions, then you have more than enough reason to read fibroids miracle.Just like you, hundreds of women all over the world have succumbed from uterine fibroids.It can be very annoying as it prevents you to do other things sometimes.Accordingly,.

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