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Fibroid Removal Dubai

Jo chats to us about her fibroid surgery and finally conquering the mountain UHCW NHS Trust

Hi I'm Jo Carter, I was a little bit shocked to begin with because I don't think it was anything serious I just had a little pain in my stomach and I went to the doctors thinking that it was probably just a little hernia or something and after a few scans they told me it was quite a big growth from that point I was shocked and also it was pretty daunting to think that I was going to have an operation as I always thought I was quite fit.

And healthy. The tumour was not too far off the size of this rugby ball I think it was 25 cm by 20cm by 17cm which is quite shocking considering the size of me and the fact I didn't know I had it. We actually called it Filbert, hoping it was a fibroid which it was, so we called it Filbert the fibroid and we were counting down the days to removal really. The surgeon was great pretty much from the moment I got diagnosed to the actual surgery itself it was.

Faultless, it was really quick and I couldn't have really asked for any more, from the scans they were probably a week two weeks apart I saw the Consultant twice and before I knew it I was in for the op, so really really good I was exercising fairly early on from as soon as I could move, I just started walking around the block, it got a bit longer and then I went back to the pool and just walked up and down in the pool and did quite a lot of aqua aerobics and then as soon as I could I got on my.

Bike probably from about 8 or 9 weeks but with no resistance, it wasn't far on from then I did a sportif of about 40 miles, I think it was the November. Probably the first one that I won which was mud sweat and beers and that was in the March say fairly soon afterwards and then I've gone on to win quite a few more. I did the iron run in August which was actually the day before it was my op anniversary that was August 22 this year and I won that so that was quite a highlight.

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Acupressure points for nasal congestion Massage Monday 160

There seems to be more people getting sick lately so for those people in mind this week I'll share three acupressure points for nasal congestion. Large Intestine 20 LI 20 right next to the nose Stomach 3 ST 3 On the cheek bone under the pupil of your eye Bladder 2 B 2 On the eye socket where the bridge of nose and eyebrow meets You can press all four points of the first two together. For the point on the eye socket instead of pushing with your fingers, relax your neck and lean into your fingers.

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Press Conference Of Dr. Nikita Trehan On Fibroid Removal,.

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