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Fibroid Removal Houston

New Minimally Invasive Options for Gynecologic Surgery at North Shore Medical Center NSMC

This is the biggest change I've seen in my practice in 20 years its what I am most excited about since I've come out of residency a patient may come and see me because she's got heavy bleeding and she was found to have a fibroid uterus as it turns out she's been dealing with this for about three years because her mother had the same thing and she had surgery using a traditional laparotomy big incision she's in the hospital for a week and didn't feel well again for eight weeks what I can now tell this patient is.

Let me bring you to the hospital I can use small incisions you can go home the same day i'll have you driving in three days and you can be back to work in two weeks you know we've been doing this for three years and we still say it's a a great operations really sweet operation because it really allows the patient a comfort level that they wouldn't have otherwise if they had to have a major operation or major incision the procedures would be as follows office tubal sterilization.

Office endometrial ablations for heavy bleeding then transitioning to the hospital we do laproscopic supracervical hysterectomies total laparoscopic hysterectomies we can combine those procedures with removal of the tubes and ovaries as well we can do laparoscopy for pelvic pain and endometriosis laparoscopy for removal the ovaries and tubes if we need to for history of breast cancer or for history of ovarian cycsts an example the recent patient is a patient of mine who had a fibroid uterus and the fibroid itself was the size of a grapefruit 10 centimeters.

She had not only heavy bleeding from this but pelvic pain and we were able to see her get her in to the hospital did a hysterectomy the specimen itself weighed 1.5 pounds she was able to go home the following day and she's back at work as we speak which is two and a half weeks after the procedure this is someone who's been living with pain for three to four years shoot me in the eye and say this is so easy how could I possibly have waited for so long.

Laparoscopic Surgery Professional Brooklyn Gynecological Services Brooklyn, NY

For many women surgery may be the best treatment option for common gynecological conditions such as endometriosis, large fibroids, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal prolapse. Until recently options included traditional surgery with a large incision or Laparoscopy which uses small incisions but is limited to very simple procedures. At our facility we use the very latest in technology through the use of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery, also known as robotassisted surgery. A minimally invasive option for even the most complex surgical procedure. What is Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery It's the use of the da Vinci robotic surgical system.

Robot assisted surgery is an effective, minimally invasive alternative to both traditional surgery and Laparoscopy. Through tiny incisions about 12cm, this robotic system can control every aspect of the surgery. A computer console that contains hand controls is used by your surgeon to manipulate the machine's robotic arms, wrists other micro instruments. This robotic system provides a range of motion and agility that can far exceed human ability. What are the potential benefits to having Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery Patient's potential benefits include less scarring, significantly less pain, reduced blood loss, fewer complications,.

Gynecologic Surgery Biggest Misconception About Gyn Surgery

When I tell people I'm an OBGYN, they always ask, Oh, you deliver babies, right And here, I don't really deliver babies anymore. I think people in general don't really realize that their gynecologists really take care of a huge number of women that have real problems with bleeding that can cause anemia and require transfusions that have huge problems with sexual dysfunction, that have real dramatic problems with prolapse and incontinence, and that have real issues with chronic pain that can be debilitating and really negatively impact upon their lives.

Minimally Invasive Podiatric Procedures miVIP Surgery Centers

A bunion actually is when the first metatarsal changes its angle so which normally if you follow the big toe down there's a bump behind the big toe and that's called a bunion usually bunions come in different shapes and sizes sometimes they just go to I like to the side sometimes they go up and to the side and sometimes they go down and to the side and depending on what type of bunion it is patients either have pain with walking pain which shoes or pain with range of motion.

Of the big toe and depending on the type of bunion and the age of the patients we do different bunionectomies there's at least 30 to forty different types of bunion correction procedures the problem with a lot of bunion surgery is that sometimes people look at it you know cosmetically but it's more important to look at it functionally because you use your foot to function so you can make your foot look really nice but this not functional you're gonna have pain one thing that always patients tell me after surgery like you know it wasn't as.

Bad as a everybody told me number one and number two they're surprised that they can walk in and they walk out hammertoes are usually caused by the way you walk because you sometimes when people don't have a stable foot, the toes scrape the ground more in order to stabilize their gate you know when they walk so when they grip the ground with their toes the toes kinda bend a little bit and they continue in that shape as are walking so hours and hours a day the toes are in.

A certain position and that's, you know, that can cause hammertoes, it can also come from trauma or other disease processes but most the time it's caused by the way you walk depending on the type of hammer toe and why you have it, there are different hammertoe procedures the simplest one's called an arthroplasty and we usually perform that on the pinky toe because that's the one that usually gets crushed in the shoes the most people usually complain of getting a corn on their pinky toe and sometimes the.

Pressure is so great that even if they don't have a corn the toe always stays red and the joint is always inflamed so we perform what's called an arthroplasty on the pinky toe what we do is we just remove the piece of the bone and the knuckle that's causing the most amount of pain and the recovery is very fast for that three weeks in a postop and generally you can go back to your regular shoes within four to six weeks The rigid hammer toes and other hammer toes are caused by functional or.

Neurological problem or by trauma and there's two ways of fixing them one is we can do what's called an arthrodesis basically fuse the joint with the toe in a straight position so there's no chance of their hammer to come back again so it's a permanent fixation of their hammertoes they will never come back other times we can put a joint implant in there also if they have arthritic process in there that causes them pain and we can either use implants or a wire that we can remove within three to.

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