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Fibroid Surgery Pros And Cons

Generations Fertility Care Dr. Dan Lebovic on robotic myomectomy

Gtgt Many patients of ours, one of the reasons why perhaps they could not conceive is because they have a fibroid in their uterus. It's sort of a growth of the muscle portion of the uterus, that is sort of ballshaped. And if it interferes with the lining of the uterus, that is thought to not be good for pregnancies. The pregnancy rate is lower. It's not impossible to conceive, but the pregnancy rate is certainly decreased. It has also been shown that removing these fibroids can help, especially the ones that are within the canal.

When you have a large fibroid on the outside of the uterus, conventionally used to operate these by making a large incision on the abdomen, which requires hospitalization afterward for about three days, and a longer postoperative recovery in terms of pain relief. A newer procedure is to use a robot that controls laparoscopic instruments at the bed side, so that the surgeon is actually away from the bed side, but controlling the ends of the instrument, as if their hands were inside of the abdomen of the woman. Therefore, making it a lot easier to control placing sutures and tying them very carefully.

So we have been using that here, the robot myomectomy technology for patients that get referred with these larger type fibroids, you know, between 3 cm and up to 10 cm can actually be accomplished just with small incisions, socalled keyhole surgery. It's sameday surgery. Sometimes they stay just overnight, but they leave the next morning. But they're able to recover a lot quicker. Aesthetically it looks quite nice in terms of larger incision. And most likely less pain from that as well. The magic of the robot is that really it is almost as if our hand is.

In that patient's abdomen, in the pelvis, working on the pathology of note, in this case fibroids. It was developed so that the ends of the instruments actually articulate much like the hand, and so to place sutures, if you didn't know any better, you would think it was someone's hand in there placing the sutures, at almost any angle. In fact, it almost makes it easier because the tremor is removed by the instrument. It's just built into the technology. And it's a lot easier if you're right handed t even place sutures.

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