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Fibroids Buttock Pain

How to massage your trapezius and neck with a ball Massage Monday 145

This week I'll show you a way to massage your own shoulder specifically upper trapezius or traps with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. Either one works but use a tennis ball for softer pressure because it gives and lacrosse ball for harder pressure because it doesn't give. Since I always like a hard pressure I'll demonstrate with the lacrosse ball. Stand in front of the wall. Place the ball between you and the wall, and lean against it. You can move side to side or up and down by bending your knees.

How to Read a MRI of Lumbar Degenerative Spondylolisthesis and Spinal Stenosis

Here's a side view of an MRI of a patient with substantial degenerative changes and a degenerative Spondylolisthesis Stenosis or slip at four five and the central canal is also blocked and that is called spinal stenosis again reading this MRI we see the spinal cord here which ends there and the nerve roots which come out of the spinal cord again the white is cerebral spinal fluid which is water we see again the vertebra we see again the discs these discs here are quite degenerative and if we look carefully we're going to see that this L four vertebra has slid.

Forward on L five that slip is called a degenerative Spondylolisthesis and we can look at the spinal canal and see the spinal canal in this area his clogged up essentially and quite narrowed and that is deleterious to the nerves we can look at this with a topdown view and again the yellow line here is where we're making our cut here's the spinal canal we can see all of the nerve roots here we look at the facets before these are degenerative facets and if we march up the spine and watch the size of the canal.

How to massage sacrum Massage Monday 168

Today I'm going to show 3 ways to massage a sacrum. Sacrum is the triangular shaped bone at the bottom of the spine. 1. Circle with fingers. Use closed fingers to massage all over the sacrum. 2. Massage with thumbs. When you use thumbs, do not just move the thumbs because your thumbs will get tired very quickly. Keep the Vshape between the thumb and index finger and use the entire arm from the shoulder to move the thumbs. 3. Press with thumbs. If the receiver wants more pressure position yourself more on top.

How To Massage Back Reverse Bear Walk Massage Monday 130

This week I'm going to show a Reverse Bear Walk. Or simply the Bear Walk done from the other end. Sit by the receiver's head. Start pressing the shoulders and upper back between the spine and the shoulder blades with the base of your palms one side at a time. Walk down the receiver's back as you press the muscles next to the spine. Never press on the spine. When you reach the receiver's lower back, you can press the hip bone away on several locations. Walk back by pressing the muscles next to the spine. Use your body weight rather than hand strength.

If the receiver's body is small, use the pinky side of your hands to press around the shoulder blades. If the receiver's body is much bigger than you as in this case, instead of reaching over from one position, work on the area that you can reach comfortably, then reposition yourself to work on a different area. It feels really good when the shoulders are pressed towards the hip. To press the receiver's shoulders effectively, lower yourself to the ground and lean in with straight arms. Relax the hands and try to keep your wrists as straight as possible as you press with the base of your palms.

Bear Walk With Human Chair Massage Monday 128

The most popular move in the Couples Massage Class is the Bear Walk. But for some people sitting on the knees isn't easy especially if they have knee injury or surgery. This week I'll show you how you can turn your partner into a human chair so you can sit on your partner as you give the back massage. When you do the Bear Walk and if you have knee issues, instead of sitting on your knees, you can straddle your partner standing. If you've never seen the Bear Walk tutorial you can see it here youtu.beH8JmJj2kvM.

How to massage calves using petrissage technique Massage Monday 173

This week I'm going to show you how to massage using petrissage technique. Petrissage is a kneading technique. You use your thumb and four fingers to glide, pick up and squeeze the muscle. Use a product to lubricate the skin since this technique involves some gliding. I'm showing you the alternating side to side petrissage. Use the entire palm to cover more area. You can also target small area using just fingers like I'm doing here on the Achilles. You can do short strokes or long strokes if the target area is big enough.

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