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Fibroids Growing

Myoma Uterine Fibroids What is Myoma, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Myoma

A fibroid is a benign tumor that mainly consists have muscular tissue and usually grows inside the uterus. Fibroids are also called myomas. Its size ranges widely, from a small tumor the size of a pea to a large tumor almost the size of the uterus. Myomas are classified into three types, depending on the location where they are found. The intramural myoma, a fibroid that grows in the muscular wall of the uterus. This subserosal myoma, a fibroid located just beneath the outside mucosal covering of the uterus. Here the fibroid projects to the.

Outside and occasionally remains connected with the uterus only through a small stalk. The submucosal myoma, a tumor that grows beneath the surface of the uterus lining. Therefore, this type of fibroids can grow into the uterine cavity. The actual causes have development of a fibroid are still unclear. However, it has been documented that fibroids are associated with high levels of estrogen, the female sex hormone. Fibroids can only developed during reproductive years of women. Following menopause, the production of estrogen decreases which will usually cause fibroids to shrink or disappear.

Myomas are more common in nonpregnant and infertile women. In general, fibroids are asymptomatic or associated with just a few complaints if any complaints. If any complaints occur, then the location, size and type of the fibroid are the major factors. Fibroids can affect nearby structures. They can cause compression of the bladder, which may lead to urinary complaints, or may obstruct the intestine, which may result in constipation. Other complaints can be backaches, abdominal problems, menstrual flow disturbances. Fibroids can impede normal childbirth, which may require caesarean delivery. Fibroids relatively more often lead to miscarriages.

Whenever fibroids cause symptoms, they need to be removed or shrinked. Medications sometimes cause fibroid to shrink by blocking the production and secretion of estrogen. In other cases, surgery may be required to remove the fibroid. The type of surgery depends on the location of the fibroid. Sometimes it's possible to remove the fibroid with the help of the tube entered through the vagina and the procedure is called hysteroscopic myomectomy. In other cases, surgery through the abdominal wall may be necessary. In the case of a large fibroid, hysterectomy may be the only solution.

What are Fibroids Causes, symptoms and treatment of fibroids

Welcome back lovely ladies today we are going to figure out fibroids. figure out fibroids figure out fibroids It's like a tongue twister! say that three times fast. anyway, fibroids are something that you may never have to face because it generally tends to affect women age 30 or more however it is interesting to note that 25 percent women will probably suffer from fibroids at one point in their life but I'll never have symptoms and they'll never need treatment so what the heck are fibroids Fibroids are noncancerous growths.

In the muscle walls in your uterus. Studies show that that being overweight or having high blood pressure are major risk factors. Fibroids tend to shrink when your body goes through menopause. So, what causes fibroids unknown. I know, sorry to disappoint you. the thing is is that the growth depends on the estrogen levels in the body and as the woman continues to menstruate and the sizes can vary they can be so small that you need a microscope to look at them or they can be really big as big as the uterus. now if you do have symptoms,.

Some of them may include pelvic cramping when you're not on your period, lower abdomen pain, lower back pain, painful sex, and increased urine frequency. the doctor will do an ultrasound to check for all of this. Now some treatment options generally include getting on birth control pills or an IUD Intrauterine Device to help regulate the estrogen, and if it really really really comes down to it surgery is also an option. Again, all this varies on your diagnosis and the severity of your problems. Always remember to go to a doctor to get.

Uterine Fibroids Uterine Fibroids Treatment

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Acupressure for Hair Growth Massage Monday 264

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it's time for Massage Monday. I received several requests and for my own interest this week I'm going to show the acupressure points for hair growth. The first sets of points are on the head. These points will help the circulation to the head. Circulation is very important because it feeds the nutrients to the hair roots where the hair growth happens. The first one is GV 20 or Governing Vessel 20. Draw lines from the top of the ear on both sides to the top of the head. It's where they meet in the center. You will feel a distinct.

Feeling. Go up 4 cun or 4 thumb widths up from the hairline. That's the same as four fingers and one thumb. Then go down 1.5 cun down towards the ears which is the same as the width of the first joints of the index and middle fingers put together. Again you will feel a distinct feeling. This is called UB 7 or Urinary Bladder 7. Stimulate these points by pressing and circling using your fingertips. When you make circles make sure you move the scalp. Don't rub the surface of the scalp because whenever you.

Rub your scalp you may be pulling out the very fine new hair that you want to keep. The next two are on the base of the skull and neck. The hair needs a good circulation from the neck to the head and these help improve the circulation and loosen the tight neck. Find the depression in the center at the base of the skull. Move to the side and go over the big ropy muscle which is trapezius and there is a depression. These are called GB 20 or Gall Bladder 20.

Again find the depression in the center at the base of the skull. Go to the side to go over the trapezius and it's on the outer edge. It's slightly below and inward from the last points. These are called Bladder 10. Press or circle to stimulate these points using hooked thumbs, fingertips, overlapped fingertips, or with free thumbs by weaving fingers. Press these points every day. My hair is getting thinner. I'm learning a lot about hair growth, what causes hair loss, and what you can do about it including the proper ways to massage. When I'm ready to.

Beauty Myths Busted Grow your hair long!

Hi everyone welcome to my very first beauty myth busters tutorial. I decided that i wanted to take a lot of the knowledge that i've acquired from being in the industry and utilize it to bust or debunk a lot of the beauty myths that are out there today. so the first one i want to address is hair growth! there are a lot of online tutorial right now that suggest you can get your hair to grow five six seven inches longer simply by using some all organic coconut oil or taking some amazing hair vitamins or buying this new expensive hair product,.

And i am here to tell you that that is simply not true. it's not going to happen. i will say that a lot of the online tutorials are good tips for hair care because in order to grow your hair to the longest length that it can grow you do need your hair to be healthy. so take those tutorials for what they're worth and definitely take some of the tips as far as taking care of your hair but don't expect crazy lengths to come from it and here's why.

We have three phases of hair growth, anagen, catagen, and telogen. anagen the first phase is called the growth phase and this is what determines how long your hair is going to be. this phase can last anywhere from two to six years and it was genetically predetermined how long your anagen phase is. so the longer your hair is in this phase, the longer your hair will be. so for example, you could have a two year or three year anagen growth phase, and your best friend could have a five to six year anagen growth phase. which is why.

Her hair seems to grow crazy long and you can't get yours past your shoulders. there is a reason for that and it's called genetics. the second phase is catagen. and this is simply just the transition phase. this only lasts a few weeks. this is in lamens terms when the hair detaches from the bulb which cuts off that nourishment and blood and nutrient supply which helps the hair grow. then the third phase is your telogen phase and it is the resting or the dormant phase. that's where your hair just kind of lays at the length.

That it is. this last from one to three months before your hair sheds and then the process starts all over again. so i hope this helps explain why you feel like your hair can't grow past a certain length because you're right, sometimes it can't. the good news is if you want super long hair there is an obvious answer, and it's called extensions! so talk to your hair stylist about glue in extensions tape in extensions sew in extensions, there are so many options to suit your lifestyle or mosey on down to the beauty supply store.

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