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Fibroids Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Senait Fisseha, MD Tutorial Profile

Gtgt I knew I wanted to be in women's health. I wanted to do women's health preventive medicine, reproductive health kind of was a broad spectrum. And then, when I was in medical school, I was exposed to various subspecialties, and definitely, given my early interest in women's health, OBGYN appealed to me. But simultaneously, while I was in medical school, I also went to law school and got a J.D. and had a very strong interest in women's rights and reproductive rights. So, reproductive endocrinology and infertility was a natural field for me that allowed me.

To be involved in women's health, the medical piece of it, as well as women's rights, human rights, reproductive rights. So, the field allows me to incorporate all my training and participate in women's health, not just as a health care provider, but also as a advocate for women in every aspect of a woman's life. What excites me about my work is just from the initial contact with a couple who are struggling with infertility, which is something a basic human need, human desire. So, from helping those couple from their first encounter, with its vast overwhelming emotion,.

Myoma Uterine Fibroids What is Myoma, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Myoma

A fibroid is a benign tumor that mainly consists have muscular tissue and usually grows inside the uterus. Fibroids are also called myomas. Its size ranges widely, from a small tumor the size of a pea to a large tumor almost the size of the uterus. Myomas are classified into three types, depending on the location where they are found. The intramural myoma, a fibroid that grows in the muscular wall of the uterus. This subserosal myoma, a fibroid located just beneath the outside mucosal covering of the uterus. Here the fibroid projects to the.

Outside and occasionally remains connected with the uterus only through a small stalk. The submucosal myoma, a tumor that grows beneath the surface of the uterus lining. Therefore, this type of fibroids can grow into the uterine cavity. The actual causes have development of a fibroid are still unclear. However, it has been documented that fibroids are associated with high levels of estrogen, the female sex hormone. Fibroids can only developed during reproductive years of women. Following menopause, the production of estrogen decreases which will usually cause fibroids to shrink or disappear.

Myomas are more common in nonpregnant and infertile women. In general, fibroids are asymptomatic or associated with just a few complaints if any complaints. If any complaints occur, then the location, size and type of the fibroid are the major factors. Fibroids can affect nearby structures. They can cause compression of the bladder, which may lead to urinary complaints, or may obstruct the intestine, which may result in constipation. Other complaints can be backaches, abdominal problems, menstrual flow disturbances. Fibroids can impede normal childbirth, which may require caesarean delivery. Fibroids relatively more often lead to miscarriages.

Whenever fibroids cause symptoms, they need to be removed or shrinked. Medications sometimes cause fibroid to shrink by blocking the production and secretion of estrogen. In other cases, surgery may be required to remove the fibroid. The type of surgery depends on the location of the fibroid. Sometimes it's possible to remove the fibroid with the help of the tube entered through the vagina and the procedure is called hysteroscopic myomectomy. In other cases, surgery through the abdominal wall may be necessary. In the case of a large fibroid, hysterectomy may be the only solution.

PMS and Estrogen Dominance

We are starting to get more and more women that are bringing their daughters now. It's so good to seeit's preventive medicine. The first thing the mother says is, They're terrible around their PMS symptoms, and their breasts are hurting them, and they're very irritable and it's just very difficult to be around my young girl at this time. So they bring them in and we do a salivary hormone test, check their estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA, because we also want to rule out stuff like PCOS and such as this.

But we, uh this is an indication that most of the time we see a low progesterone and what we do is we either give them botanicals or we give them a little bit of progesterone cream and it works wonders. I much prefer to use bioidentical estrogen and progesterone when I have to and I don't use the synthetic. So all that said, the estrogen dominance is big in the United States. The girls are coming inmothers bringing the girls in so we can check that at an earlier age, it's great to see that, it's a preventative, less girls on.

Optimize Gynecologic Health and Fertility with NaPro Ask Saint Peters

NaProTECHNOLOGY is the science of using a woman's observation of her monthly fertility cycles to optimize her gynecologic health and her fertility. NaProTECHNOLOGY is used for many different women's health conditions, including abnormal bleeding, infertility, painful periods, hormonal disorders, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovaries and many other conditions. Risk factors for infertility include things such as the women's age as it is more difficult to get pregnant as a woman ages. They also include conditions like polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, pelvic scar tissue and fibroids. Thank you for choosing St. Peter's. Captions by GetTranscribed.

My Period is Coming Every Two Weeks!

My period is coming every two weeks. What on Earth could cause that If you had a normal period and now have light spotting, it could be due to an embryo implanting. In another two weeks, you won't have your period or will see light spotting. This has been a regular, two week cycle. It could be result of a hormonal imbalance. PCOS comes to mind. P what PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome. Cysts on the ovaries prevent the body from having normal cycles. Or too many. Stress throw off your menstrual cycle, though you're more likely not to have a period.

Than two too many. Someone told me that diet and exercise can throw it off. When your body changes dramatically, you could have periods come closer together or delayed, but this is an extreme case. Someone said I might be in menopause. When someone is approaching menopause, their ovaries are shutting down. You'll see cycles without ovulation, multiple eggs released the next, going weeks without a period or periods only two weeks apart. I'm not that old. If you just switched to the birth control pill, you could have a period on your natural.

Cycle before the chemically induced one. I'm using what I've been using for ages. If you have cysts or fibroids, you could have internal bleeding. Because the blood is coming out of the vagina, you might mistake the internal bleeding for a period. It sounds like I need to get checked out by a doctor. Abnormal bleeding is always a reason to see a doctor. It's just an inconvenience. It could be a sign of ovarian cysts or hormonal problems. And bleeding that often could leave you anemic. That means pale.

My Period is Never Consistent!

My period is never consistent. What is wrong with me Stress could make it skip periodically, well, not on a regular basis. I don't think I'm that stressed. If you are dieting heavily, especially if fasting or popping diet pills, the stress could delay your period. I don't diet like that. You might also be working out so hard that your body shuts down reproductively regularly. Someone said it might be PCOS. That's polycystic ovarian syndrome. I've heard it is somewhat common. It was blamed for a woman rarely having a period but turning around and having triplets.

The cysts on the ovaries prevent normal hormonal interactions, but sometimes they end up with too much of a good thing. Babies Or periods Usually fewer periods, at higher risk for multiple births. Though they may have periods but not ovulate, too. I could take that up with my OBGYN. You might also have a fibroid or something else going on internally. That could cause the bleeding to be abnormally high during your period. My doctor never found anything like fibroids before. It could also be from your birth control pills. Especially if you are missing doses and doubling.

Up later. So much for using birth control pills to manage my period. Birth control pills work best when the hormone levels are consistent in the blood. If you skip pills and then take several at a time, it could interfere with your period. I've heard of women on injectable contraceptives having the same problem. Injections like Depo suppress ovulation. Their bodies may have irregular periods or none at all. That sounds like a good thing. If you want once and you're done contraception, sure. It's certainly better than missing birth control pills.

Defeat Your Infertility Review

Hello everyone. Disappointment, frustration, anticipation, waiting, excitement, disappointment. It's a cycle that keeps repeating itself when you're going through infertility. You start fertility treatments and you have a lovehate relationship with the roller coaster ride you're on. It may be the only way to reach your goal, but boy, don't you wish you could get off it sometimes. Decide who you're going to share the information with only your partner Your parents Both sets Close friends Get information. What are the exact procedures you're going to go through What tests will.

Help the doctors know what the best thing to do is What are the side effects of the medication How long will the cycle take Pamper yourself. Think about things that you will do that will be good for you a long bath, a manicure, a new novel. Remember the world. The world goes on while your world seems to be standing still as you wait to have a successful fertility treatment that will lead to your baby. Make sure to do the things that you want to look back upon continue your education, advance your career,.

Fibroids Ovarian Cyst PCOS And Treatment

Fibroids Ovarian Cyst PCOS And Treatment,.

How To Shrink Fibroids In The Breast And Uterus And Manage PCOS Naturally.How to Reduce Fibroids in the Breast and Uterine Combat the root cause of fibroids! Reduce the size of fibroids in your breasts and uterus 1. Liver Detox..

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How I Cured Fibroid Tumors &Ovarian Cysts - PCOS.Do you suffer from fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, or other hormone problems The problem is usually 100 caused and cured by what you eat..

?119? Postpartum | 9 Months (Fibroids, PCOS).Hi guys! I know this tutorial is long over due lol. Sorry for it being choppy it was 20 mins long so I tried to cut it down to the most important parts. Im 9 months..

Acupuncture For PCOS, Uterine Fibroids &Infertility.Acupuncture doctor, Dr. Li treats patient suffering Polycystic Ovaries PCOS, she also has Uterine Fibroids causing stomach pain, back pain, bleeding. Due to..

Ask Dr. Bob Iodine, Fibroids, PCOS, Everyday Food, Vitamin D Drops, More!

Ask Dr. Bob Iodine, Fibroids, PCOS, Everyday Food, Vitamin D Drops, More!,In this episode, many questions stem back to adequate iodine intake, including fibroids, PCOS, and IVF. Other questions answered this week pertain to eating..


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