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Fibroids Tcm

Reflexology for Fibroids Massage Monday 274

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it's time for Massage Monday. Per viewer's request this week I'm going to show you some reflexology point for fibroids. The uterus point in Reflexology is between the inner ankle bone and the heel. Press this point hard 20 times with your thumb downward. Instead of just using your thumb to press, wrap your fingers on the ankle to stabilize and use the entire arm to press it. Pressing this point may be very painful. Repeat on the other side. To make it more effective, add the following points before you press the uterus point.

There is a Kidney point right in the center of the foot. And there is a bladder point at the bottom of the arch. In between these points is the ureter. Press the kidney point 20 times with your index finger joint. Rock your body to save your finger. Then glide down the ureter 20 times. Then press the bladder point 20 times. Do this every day for 69 weeks. If this hurts your finger you can use something with round tip such as this Sharpee. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching. I'll see you back next week. Make it a great week.

Uterine Fibroids Uterine Fibroids Treatment

If you are trying to cure your you to Ryan fibroids you must watch this tutorial last week I came across this incredible holistic you to Ryan fibroids Cure program written by a nutritionist and a health consultant her name is Amanda Lido amanda has the incredible ability to cut through all the BS and hype that surrounds curing fibroids and their related symptoms do you want to learn how to cure you to run fibroids and their related symptoms from someone who has herself cured her uterine fibroids diet or from someone.

Who just read about you to run fibroids sorry experience wins out in my book I will always want to learn from the person who's actually done what I'm trying to do if you're trying to cure your goes or battling with any type a view to run fibroids you must check this out endorse many products mainly because they are mostly hype and don't live up to expectation Amanda's new book called fibroids miracle is an exception this material is excellent in a mustread for anyone trying to cure you.

To run fibroids and dramatically improve their health and wellbeing please not and do you to run fibroid gimmick your now I know many love you are saying Ono not another cure you to run fibroids in days program to be totally honest I thought the same thing rest assured this is not the case it is not a quick fix or a gimmick its 250 plus pages have solid clinically proven hole is too cute around fibroids treatment information she starts from square one and teaches you everything you need to know.

Doesn't matter what type a fibroid you have and regardless love your age or lifestyle you will learn something from this book here's what the author im and Alito had to say about her incredible program after 14 years have trial air and experimentation I finally discovered the answer to you to run fibroids and developed a foolproof system to cure fibroids and their related symptoms the natural way no drugs or surgery necessary and now I'm finally revealing my secrets in this new encyclopedia a view to run fibroids called.

Acupuncture Hormone Balance Tips Acupuncture Prostate Tips

So another issue associated with the imbalance of male hormones is Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer is related with genetic make up and the imbalance the hormones. So Acupuncture help to restore the balance between the estrogen and testosterone. But not hundred percent of patients can be prevented from Prostate Cancer. If the man develop a Prostate Cancer, then the surgery is the first choice. But after surgery, urine incontinence is a big problem because of nerve damage, because of the change of the blood muscle tone. Acupuncture can be use to strengthen the bladder muscle, strengthen the kidney function and reduce.

Acupuncture Techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine How Does Acupuncture Work

How does acupuncture work Mechanisms of acupuncture can be simplified as neuroreflexes. Ancient Chinese saw it as their way to distribute on the whole body surface connecting different parts of the body, interior and exterior, the left and the right, the upper and the lower, the front and the back. Actually the M0033 are physiological connections between those parts when some tenderness may show on some spots of the body's surface. Ancient Chinese call those spots acupoints, conversably applying acupuncture or on those spots can activate a serum for healing mechanisms of the body such as raising endorphins and cortisone.

Stevens Point Pregnancy Danielle, Nick Addelyn Testimonial Kaldas Center

So Addelyn is about eight weeks old and she's just the happiest little baby there is and she's learning to smile right now To see her wake up in the middle of the night and crack a big smile. it is really makes everything worthwhile I was a little nervous right off the bat about to a male doctor and stuff and pregnancy, how is a guy going to relate and that kind of thing The very first time I met with him and just talking to him he just his personality and everything made you feel like.

It's gonna be okay we got options and he realized what it was I wanted and that he's going to help me through it. commerce your honor trial and error and then month a binding up for unity in Kerala pregnancy in man at the very end we end up having a csection some did surgery as well you and the really exciting beauty on that we're praying at Christmas morning we know it unique situation the placenta was in the front on my stomach so I didn't feel her move pretty much the entire nine months.

So going through pregnancy was very nervewracking I was constantly like is she okay is there something wrong and I would call up Doctor Kaldas us on a routine basis he'd be like why don't you just come on and we'll turn the monitor on take a look in she's totally fine I mean not a big deal and he made you feel like it wasn't a big deal like I wasn't bothering anyone by constantly having these little scares and that kind of thing. I really think he takes the time to get to know you.

Personally Like, when you go into appointments he knows exactly who you are he knows where you've been and where you've come through the biggest thing I remember about the csection is after he closed up and he is leaving the room he looked at me he goes how many years was this as so it just really gave me the feeling of you know he was personally involved with us. Seeing her born you know, was the best thing in the world. It was amazing. 9208862299 Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery Pregnancy, S.C. kaldascenter.

Moxibustion Benefits Moxibustion for Menstruation

Hi, in this segment we're going to look at some moxibustion that we can do for self care for menstrual cramps. It's an extremely common problem and I often times recommend the number one way to fix menstrual irregularities, is to stop coffee, but that's another segment. We're going to start with large intestine four, which is right here on the hand between the thumb and the forefinger. And, we're going to warm the moxibustion gently above the skin, so that we don't burn anybody. This one, we say, moves the liver cheek. Then we're going.

To look for the point ren four, it's right here on the center line, half way between the pubic bone and the belly button. And, again warmth, this is especially good for women who enjoy heating pads or hot water bottles when their having their menses. And, then we're going to move down here on the leg and there's two points we can do down here. The first one is here between the big toe and the next toe. It's just like on the hand, this is liver three. This one combines with the one on the hand, in order to help.

Move the live chi, which we say relates to the menses. And, then there's a point here, that if we go on the side of the foot, there's the ball of the foot, we're going to slide down and just kind of press on that and you'll find where it runs into a tendon or a little bone there, and we're going to warm that spot and if we warm that spot long enough, you'll actually start to feel some warmth in your low back, or in the lower abdomen or the uterus.

We can do these on both sides. This point exists on both this side and this side. So, as one point starts to get warm, just switch over to the other foot. And, continue to do that until you find some change. Mostly this is used when you've actually started your menses and you're starting to get some pain, discomfort or cramps. You can do these points. So, it's spleen four, liver three, ren four and large intestine four, all of those in combination can really help take care of some of the problems with your menses.

Acupuncture Hormone Balance Tips Acupuncture Tips on Ovarian Cysts

With the weight problems, more and more women ends up with a lot of cysts growing in their ovaries. And that is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. With the symptoms of menstrual pain, overgrowing facial hair, infertilities. Acupuncture can be used to treat the root cause of those cysts. It's due to blood fastis and phlegm accumulation in the ovary. By balancing the estrogen and the progesterone, acupuncture can reduce the ovary size and the restore ovarian function. But we have birth control pill, why we need to use acupuncture Because certain group of women have the genetic make up to be prone to develop ovarian and breast.

Acupressure points for cough Massage Monday 199

Hi everyone. This is Yasuko and it's time for Massage Monday. This week I'm going to show you three acupressure points for coughing. I rarely get sick but I recently caught a nasty cold when I attended a big seminar with 500 people for four days. I guess my body and mind couldn't handle all kinds of energy and the room was super cold too. The first one is between the clavicles right above the sternum or the breast bone. Press this point gently with your finger. And kind of curl your finger so you're trying to press.

The back of the breast bone. You should feel something that's stuck in your throat but not chocking. Do not press straight into your trachea because you'll choking yourself. Press this point up to 1 minute or until your coughing sensation subsides or you feel your throat is opening up. The second point is on the elbow crease. When you slightly bend your elbow, you feel a big tendon in the middle. Right next to it is a big depression kind of right in the middle of your elbow crease on thumb side. That's another point. Press this point with your.

Thumb with the other fingers wrapped around the elbow for support. Press this point pretty deeply up to one minute as you breathe deeply. If you have a long finger nail, this will hurt so if that's the case, use a tool such as the back of a pencil which is pointy with a soft tip at the end. Use that to press. The third point is on the inner wrist crease. Follow your thumb to the wrist and there is depression where you can feel your pulses. So that's the point. Press this point for.

How to massage lower back pain Massage Monday 164

When you have a pain somewhere on your body the cause may be where the pain is, but the cause could be somewhere else. For example, when I was in a myofascial release class there was a girl with neck pain from an old car accident years ago. After she was worked on her legs her neck pain was gone. That's kind of an extreme case. This week I'll show good place to massage for lower back pain. Have the receiver lay face down and find the hip bone. With a light pressure, start massaging.

The area just below the hip bone. These are the upper gluteal or upper glutes muscles gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus layered on top of each other. These muscles are often neglected and can cause the lower back pain. Often people don't even know that this area is tight until they are touched so start gently and gradually increase pressure by using your body weight. Come around to do the other side. Or use a figure eight for a longer, more soothing stroke to cover both sides. The figure eight stroke is much.

Classical And Effective TCM Treatment For Male Infertility Acupuncture Part One

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Fibroids, Polyps Fertility

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