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Fibroids Treatment Kenya

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Women

Autumn Many women worry about the impact surgery will have on their lives, and so they delay treatment for a variety of painful conditions. Dr. Jack Hsiao is here to share how minimally invasive and nonsurgical techniques offered at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women Newborns can help. Thank you for being here. First of all, tell me, what is minimally invasive surgery Dr. Hsiao Minimally invasive surgery is the option to perform certain procedures that otherwise would have involved a larger incision through the benefit of using a fiber optic.

Camera where we can minimize the size of the incisions, or use very small incisions, or actually no incisions at all to perform the same procedures. Autumn So what kind of conditions can be treated with this Dr. Hsiao Many of the benign conditions that typically affect women for example, like endometriosis, uterine polyps that may cause bleeding, fibroids and whatnot. Those typically are the more common procedures that can be treated using this particular technique. Autumn So can you tell us what types of minimally invasive options there are Dr. Hsiao Well the very common, popular ones is laparoscopy and also robotic surgery but.

There is also another type of procedure called hysteroscopy, which can address a lot of issues that may be occurring inside the uterus. For example, polyps, uterine fibroids, we can do sterilization procedures without the benefit of an incision. We can also adjust certain uterine anomalies, for example, that may be involved with infertility issues that can also be taken care of. Autumn So what are some of the benefits Dr. Hsiao The primary benefit is that the woman is going to be able to return to her normal activities much faster than otherwise. They most of the time will not need to remain.

Abnormal Server Growth Solved

MUSIC MICHAEL A large hospital group was experiencing massive server sprawl. With about 2,000 physical rackmounted servers across three data centers, and no sign of slowing growth, supporting them was becoming a pain. And with the cost of power and cooling beginning to spike, getting the swelling number of servers under control was critical. So they came to the experts. MUSIC MICHAEL I called in a Field Solution Architect and we started our diagnosis. They were a perfect candidate for server virtualization, so we conducted a server virtualization assessment. After reviewing the results, we developed a treatment plan.

Local, shared storage was deployed at each data center to backend the highdensity blade server deployment. Additionally, the Server Virtualization Team ran reporting to accurately size the systems and account for future growth. Meticulous planning led to limited downtime during the rollout. Plus, we made sure all federal regulations for medical records were followed and that the hospital was 100 compliant. The result of the procedure was a reduction of 1,200 servers. With the number down to about 800, we had cut the amount of hardware by 60. They're now operating at lower power.

Hillandale Radiology Imaging Services

I'm Ellis Carter and I'm the manager of Radiology here at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale. Our facility, the Hillandale campus, is in a convenient area to residential communities and we have very convenient hours. We are open from 800 a.m. to 800 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we also have Saturday appointments available 800 a.m. to 400 p.m., so this works well for many of our patients who have a busy life. In addition to that we have free parking as well. Digital imaging, our digital imaging, it allows for better quality images, and it.

Also allows for the radiologists who rotate through the different locations of DeKalb Medical to read the images in the quickest and most efficient way possible, and it also allows for those radiologists in the department as a team to get that information to the ordering physicians in the quickest and most efficient way possible. We have digital mammography which provides the best, most efficient information for the radiologist to make an adequate interpretation of the imaging. We also have a multislice CT scanner which we are able to do a wide.

Array of different types of cat scan studies looking from internal bleeding to masses throughout the body, lesions throughout the body, and we are able to perform those studies within a rapid manner so patients are not on the table for an extensive period of time. We also have in our diagnostic imaging setting, we have a robotic room. It has a panel where the image is actually produced as well as the Xray tube where the Xray beam is generated from and we call it a robotic room because those parts move into position. We also have.

A short board MRI magnet, so having that short board, really it helps patients that suffer from claustrophobia. To see patients that live within a close proximity to the hospital, having a hospital within the community to provide quality service, something that's convenient, I mean it's really an honor to be a part of that. I'm Charlene ChapmanMuse and I'm the Imaging Supervisor here at DeKalb Medical Hillandale. As staff we tend to lose focus, you know, and tend to think, you know, it's a job. It's not a job when you're dealing.

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