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Hifu Treatment For Fibroids In India

Hello, i’m krishnakumar. i’m here before you to talk about parkinson’s disease. And how to effectively treat/give medical care using Homeopathic medicine. What is Parkinson’s disease? Earlier days in Kerala the disease used to be known by the name ‘Viravaatham’ The Human brain consists of cells called Neurons. Parkinson’s disease occurs when these Neurons die off or become impaired.

In reality, what happens to the person who is affected? In our body, the Neurons that control the muscles reside in the brain. In this brain there is another agent called Dopamine which is also produced by the neurons These neurons acts as neurotransmitters for the function of muscles When these cells do not function as required or when it dies off, Parkinson’s disease begin. Now, what are the major symptoms of these?.

It starts of with tremors. It starts off either on the left side or on the right side. The Tremors the could start initially on one side could transfer to the other side of the body as well. Writing could be extremely slow. It could be very difficult to write. After one writes, we can notice that the letter sizes have become extremely small in size. Just like one has issues with the changes in the body, The changes begin to affect mind as well.

Like depression, irritability, uneasiness etc. these are the initial symptoms In the advanced state, these small tremors that you see in the initial state, begins to affect all other parts of the body. The Person who is affected with this will require assistance to sit or stand or do any kind of activities. Specially this could move into a state where one cannot move their hands or legs. Further, the person feels as if he/she is about to fall right there, when they walk. that is, impaired balance and posture, changes in speech.

The face will lack expression just like a masked face. After this, once the stage progress even further It leads the person to a vegetative state, and this is the most difficult and final stage in Parkinson’s disease. So, what’s the role of Homeopathy? What can be done with Homeopathy? Definitely, Our long term studies and researches have proved us that.

Homeopathy, not in it’s advanced/final stage. but in it’s earlier stages can definitely bring control to the disease. Whatever system of medicine you may follow. Even when giving Homeopathic medicine along with other medicines. we assure you that you will get great results and can effectively control the disease. For further queries and information, do log on to. Thank you.

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