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How Do They Remove Fibroid Tumors

Hi i’m Farhana and i’m here with my son totalk about how to shrink fibroids naturally. For those of you who are looking for a naturalcure for fibroids, we are here to do a quick tutorial on 2 things that women suffering fromfibroids should avoid for the time being. For those of you who are new to our channel,let me just give you a little background of myself. I suffered from fibroids for a longtime and thanks to my sons, who are medical students and detoxification specialists, Ilearned how to shrink fibroids naturally. They created a protocol for me which I followedand I was able to shrink fibroids naturally. The two things that I want to talk about todayrelates to fibroids diet and fibroids foods

to avoid. First one is the soy products. Soy,as we all know, is high in estrogen and while you are going through your fibroids issueI would say you should definitely avoid taking these for the time being. By soy I mean soyproducts like soy milk and soy sauce. But there are alternatives on the market thatyou can explore and this is just for the time being that you should avoid. As we know fibroidsis a condition where there is an imbalance of hormones. There is too much estrogen inthe body and what you want to do is you want to normalize that estrogen. It’s up here andyou want to bring it back down. You want to avoid estrogenic foods and soy products areamongst those estrogenic foods. So what happens

is that when you consume these foods theyraise the amount of estrogen in the body and they exacerbate and worsen your condition.If you don’t have fibroids yet, then it is going to increase your likelihood of gettingfibroids. If you have fibroids, then it is just going to make it worse. So you definitelywant to avoid estrogenic foods such as soy products and stay clear of those for the timebeing while you still have fibroids and you are hoping for a fibroids natural treatment.The second thing that you do want to avoid is drinking from BPA bottles. You definitelydo not want to do that. There are alternative bottles out there on the market. You can getyourself a glass bottle or you can specifically

look for a bottle that is BPAfree. BPA isa constituent of the plastic of this bottle. What happens is that when you leave a BPAbottle out in the sun or in the car what is going to happen is that this BPA from theplastic is going to leak into the water. The water is going to pull on it and the BPA isgoing to leech into the water and when you drink that water what you are doing is thatyou are taking in that BPA (xenoestrogen). It acts as a xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogen isestrogen that is coming from outside your body (foreign estrogen). When you take inthat water you are increasing the load of estrogen in your body because that BPA isserving as a xenoestrogen and when you take

it into your body it is contributing to agreater imbalance of hormone in your body (especially estrogen is going to increasein your body and this is going to worsen your condition or increase your risk of gettingmore fibroids in the future). So definitely avoid BPA plastic bottles. Using a glass bottleor BPAfree bottle is a great alternative and that will help you in the long run tobetter your condition. That is what we wanted to share with you in this tutorial. If you enjoyedthis tutorial please hit the like button and leave a comment down below. If you want accessto our most powerful tips to shrink fibroids naturally what we will do is leave a linkin the tutorial description below. We will also

leave the link somewhere on this tutorial. Orjust check the link in the tutorial description below and you can get access to our most powerfultips to shrink fibroids naturally and I think that you guys will really benefit from thatso definitely check that out and we are looking forward to connecting with you guys soon.Take care..

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