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How To Shrink Fibroids With Red Clover

Leda lum’s apotheca and today i want to talk about chickweed and how its helping people with fat loss and dissolving cysts in any part of your body but in your ovaries and your breasts and also how it can help you with inflammation and your skin. Ok you guys so chickweed which I just finished a tincture of and im gonna get some dried chickweed from Mountain Rose Herbs along with some other herbs and im gonna make an infusion of, and just for health benefits and dissolving and detoxifying fat out of your body and also.

Other weird stuff like cysts. its a great herb, its really neat. you can put it in salads, you can make herbal salves out of it. You can put it as a poultice to remove splinters. thats very interesting. you can put like a little of the juice of it, you can juice it to ingest it. But if you put the juice or the tincture or just a little poultice like with a bandaid on a splintter, it will actually extract, because its astringent, the splinter out of your skin. Isnt that interesting? There are a lot of uses of it, its great for many.

Different things. the most interesting ive found was how its dissolved peoples polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome cysts. By taking the tincture or the tea or the infusion, they are, they find with an ultra sound they dont have any cysts. But its also helping with people dissolving fats and helping with weight loss. Let me explain that. Apparently there has been some, there is a study in 2012 where it helps, it may, so its a little ambiguous, prevent fat from being absorbed and also carbohydrates i guess in um. your intestines? Im not sure.

How it does that but also helps, its a diuretic. a light diuretic so it helps you flush water deposits that are stored. It also helps as an appetite suppressant. So it would be a good idea to try it if your trying to loose weight and flush your system, to try an herbal infusion. Four quarts to Four Ounces of herbs. So thats kind of a lot, so its very rich. Im going to make an infusion with a bunch of different herbs, which we will talk about eventually. Red clover, nettles, red raspberry, cleavers, oakstraw, violet leaf and linden.

Alternating and also chickweed. so you put the herbs in, 4 oz to 4 qts. and then you pour hot water over it and let it steep, let it sit there, over night. So your not necessarily cooking. Its a different sort of extraction from the herbs. And then your drink that all day. Its like your tea, You chill it and its your refreshing drink. So any way lets get back to chickweed. Alright so its a lymph cleanser, it cleanses your lymph. They were studying a certain component in it called coumerin, coumerin not cumin. coumerin that.

Is helpful for asthma and other lymph diseases. so they are trying to figure out a way to make it into a pill. Interesting. Its a great skin cleanser. It helps clean out your body generally. But if its cleaning your lymph and working with the deposits and flushing them out, its definitely great. It cleans your blood thats how its great for your skin. Its a great cleanser. The saponins, the saponins, these are the components within chickweed that are particularly medicinal. Rutin, Triterpenoid. OMG how do you pronounce that. Triterpenoid.

Saponins. those are the main ones that are, and the coumerin, with in the chickweed that are so medicinal. And they are studying what they do. So the saponins are kind of like a scrubber, they are like a soapy kind of substance that helps dissolve these substances out of your body, the excess cysts or whatevers happening. Its very interesting how its been helping women with ovarian cycsts and there is a lot of people saying how its helped them with weight loss. So i think you should invest in a tea or a tincture if you have any of.

Those issues darlings. blood cleanser, inflammation of the joints its very helpful with. it has anti viral properties. 2012 study was researching how it can help with hepatitis B. It cleanses the kidneys. Its particularly helpful for the lungs, an expectorant for mucous. Its great because its anti inflammatory and it cleans the lungs, for bronchitis. Its a light laxative, a light and gentle laxative which is very interesting. So if you eat a lot of it, be ware. But I guess thats just part of its cleansing activities. It very nutrient.

Herrens Mark Red Clover Extract

During the menopause many women struggle with hot flashes, cardiac palpitations, depression and bad sleep. But now, an ordinary field of red clover might come to their rescue. A new study proves that a daily dose of Herrens Mark Red Clover Extract can reduce the discomforts significantly. This is an ordinary red clover field on Funen, Denmark. To my mind, this is a medicine, when we are using it as we are. Michael Mohr Jensen is organic farmer. One day he gets the tip that red clover is full of estrogenlike compounds that can help women during the menopause.

Since i was already growing red clover, it felt natural to try making an extract of it. During the menopause women often have symptoms like sleep deprivation, depression and serious hot flashes. This knows Lene Mller all about. It is pure water running off the forehead. Down the face, between the breasts and all over the body. It is so nasty. Therefore she accepted an offer from a study at rhus University and the Vendsyssel who are testing the effect of the red clover from Funen. One bag like this is for one person. You are going to take it twice a day. Morning and evening. And the result is very positive.

With the women who took the extract the study proved a significant reduction of 30 percent of hot flashes in average. I experience less hot flashes and I am more balanced physically and mentally as I used to be. Furthermore, the study also showed that the red clover has a surprising effect on the loss of bone density which also strikes women during the menopause. But we can see that the loss of bone density stopped with the women who took the red clover extract. On the field of red clover on Funen, the study results are much appreciated. Proud, happy and honoured. It is a gift.

But there is a but Would you like to taste? Yes please It doesnt taste very delicious Cheers It tastes like grass.

Farming and a bit acidic .nature 10,000 of women are daily treated with hormones to reduce symptoms of menopause. Many of them are fine with that. Why should they change to red clover then? They should not. They have to take the prescripted medicine. At least until we can tell more about the results of this study.

The traditional medicine has more pros than cons. However, there is a minimal risk of breast cancer and cancer in the ovaries. This is why the scientists are interested in finding an alternative. Plant estrogen, on the other hand, doesnt affect the receptors in the breast and ovaries. That is why Per Bendix Jeppesen, the scientist, expects that women who take the red clover extract will have a reduced risk of these types of cancer.

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