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Natural Remedies For Fibroid Cysts In Breast

Hello sir, hello maam! Welcome to Planet Ayurveda!! First of all, I would like to know your names. I am Omkar Singh Bedi, we are from Nangal. She is my Mrs. and her name is Ravinder Kaur Bedi. Please let us know what made you to visit Planet Ayurveda? My wife had some Breast lump.

We consulted 1, 2 s at nangal and they advised us to visit some big cities for our problem. We went Ludhiana and consulted surgeon over there. He said that you have to go for operation as medicines will not be effective in this case. Okay, then how did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda? from Nangal (with us) asked us not worry, we have 120 percent treatment for this problem. As he advised, we came here and met Vikram Chauhan. He also assured us not to worry, continue with our medicines and patient will be all right. It was unbelievable!! Surgeon at Ludhiana clearly told us not to go for ayurvedic medicines, condition will get worst.

You can say, due to gods grace we trusted sahib and started medicines though we had no hope. Very first time when this problem occurred? We came here 2nd of February 2015 and before 57 days of that problem raised. Madam, please let us know what symptoms you faced in the beginning? I had fever, cold, cough etc. and took medicines for that. Had no fever later but felt knot at my breast. Some said its due to phlegm accumulation and some said it may be a tumor. At Ludhiana they suggested to go for operation.

When did all this happen? 6 months back, when we visited here. Since 6 months I am having these medicines. Got good results after 1 month only. So you are taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda since 6 months. How do you feel now? All right! Everything is normal now. Do you have reports with you? Yes. Well, you can see previous reports.

Okay. lump was about 1.8cm x 2.5cms x 2.8cms (size of sol at 12 o clock position) on 26 february 2015. Yes, when they came to Planet Ayurveda center Nangal, they had no hope of getting positive results with our medicines. I assured and they got appointment to consult Vikram Chauhan. They stared medicines as advised. Okay. Can we see latest reports? Yes, done with ultrasound on 10.4. 2015. There is no lump at all. has advised to continue same medicines for one more month then there is absolutely no need to take any medicine. It is cured for permanent, said.

Madam, please let us know, were there any dietary changes during whole treatment course? Yes, I did not take any kind of fried, sour food item. Did not have tea. Any message to our all viewers? Yes I would like to say these medicines are really effective. Though we had no hope of getting positive results but got belief after taking medicines here. I too want to say that please stay away from allopathic medicines which have lot of side effects and opt for ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda.


Welcome to health care at home Today we’ll talk about Oral SubMucous Fibrosis We’ll wind up this topic in two episodes. Before I begin this episode, I have a request to all of you. If any of your relative or friend Is consuming any such item like: Gutkha, Paan, Supari, Paan Masala (Harmful tobacco, betel nut, betel leaves) He must watch both of these episodes.

Before the problem is out of control They can follow these remedies to keep themselves healthy once again. What is Oral SubMucous Fibrosis? Its a kind of burning swelling of mouth tissues. But when it becomes serious Then you are unable to talk, unable to eat and even if becomes difficult to swallow the food.

You are unable to open your mouth properly, as it becomes small. Your tongue lips becomes smaller and even stiff too. Sometimes you have earache. You are even unable to hear. Your voice gets changed and you start talking in nasal tone. Whenever we eat Gutkha, Paan, Supari, Paan Masala then an alkaline releases which is called arecoline.

This arecoline increase the production of protein which is called ccysten. This protein increases the fibrosis. What is the prevention ? Prevention is that you should stop chewing Gutkha, Paan, Supari, Paan Masala. There are several other reasons: People who eat too much red chilli They have higher chances of suffering from fibrosis. Those who smoke or chew tobacco.

They have higher chances of suffering from fibrosis. But its major reason is Gutkha, Paan, Supari, Paan Masala only. So first most prevention is to stop chewing these items completely. Consult with any , now a days there are lot of methods are there to get rid of these bad habits. As i said earlier you are unable to open your mouth completely, if you are suffering from fibrosis. Let me tell you a method, Place your 4 fingers in your mouth this way.

If you are unable to take 4 fingers in your mouth , its understood that fibrosis has started firming. What all remedies and food items I will recommend, you must start them following right away. Apart from this mouth dryness is also the symptom of this problem. The way your throat becomes dry similarly your mouth becomes dry. You have change of taste, you don’t feel the same taste like normal people. Sometimes you have earache. you aren’t able to hear properly.

You are unable to swallow your food and sometimes swallowing water too becomes difficult for you. Let me tell you a method. Take a torch Blow the torch on your face and see if there is any white line on your face or cheeks Often it comes in the back side of your face If you have white line there, its understood that fibrosis has developed there. Secondly, let me tell you one more method to detect fibrosis.

If you will eat spicy food, as compared to other people your mouth will burn more. You will feel instant itching and spiciness. You won’t feel the spiciness in entire mouth instead in some of the places only, so where all you feel it so where all you feeling more spiciness, its understood that fibrosis has developed there. So to rule this problem? First of all, stop eating spicy food.

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