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Treatment For Numerous Fibroids

Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, and Estrogen Dominance

Now, when we have a stage called estrogen dominance estrogen proliferates tissue when it's dominant. Estrogen within itself is very good. I helps us with our brain tissue, our memory. It helps us to think clearly, prevents foggy brain and all this other stuff. Estrogen in itself is very goodit's not bad. But when you have an estrogen dominance situation where the estrogen is very dominant over the progesterone, you're going to have all these symptoms and you're going to have a proliferation of tissue. For instance, if a woman comes in with cysts on her ovaries or cysts in her breasts.

Or she has fibroids on the inner uterine lining, or she has endometriosis these are all tissues that are being proliferated. They are increasing because she's got too much estrogen in her. Thus, we have a lot of increase in the amounts of hysterectomies because women are getting large fibroids and they're bleeding heavy, heavy, heavy, so they have anemia. I went through this myself, personally, in my forties. I had a lot of estrogen dominance but back then we didn't know exactly what to do. And so, I ended up having a hysterectomy because every time.

How to Cure Herpes Natural Remedies for Herpes Outbreaks Revealed

Curing Herpes Naturally Made Simple Herpes is a disease which can prove to be really deadly. It is regarded as an incurable disease however there are certain things which can help you in curing it. We are now going to talk about some key instructions and steps that will guide you to cure herpes in a natural way. You should first eliminate all the junk food that you have. Junk food can really cause you a lot of trouble. The acidic environment can really prove to be bad for degrading your condition.

Some of the food items that you should avoid here are soda, carbs, coffee, white flour products and deep fried foods. The next thing that you must do here is to apply some cream over the affected area. This is quite crucial for you to alleviate the pain caused by herpes so that you don't end up on the losing side. Using some aloevera cream can also help you in a big way. It is quite important for you to try out some homeopathic remedies. You ensure that you visit a health store and look out for some natural ways.

Some of the common things include sepia, rhus toxicodendron, dulcamara and natrum muriaticum. Make sure that you consume alkaline food items. Consuming such food items will help you in boosting immunity lower levels of acidity. Vegetables. Fresh fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains are some of the food items which you must consume Eating lemon and limes on a regular basis is a crucial thing for you to do so that no issues bother you. Another crucial thing you must do here is to consume some popular supplements That will help you in controlling herpes.

You must ensure that you consume vitamins E, B, C and A on a regular basis. These are some of the things that will definitely help you in a big way. At last, you must ensure that you keep your level of stress under control. These are some of the most important things that you must remember in regard to this topic. Once you work hard you'll be able to look out for some fine alternatives. If you are looking to get rid of herpes then you must ensure that you look out for effective herpes treatment.

PMS and Estrogen Dominance

We are starting to get more and more women that are bringing their daughters now. It's so good to seeit's preventive medicine. The first thing the mother says is, They're terrible around their PMS symptoms, and their breasts are hurting them, and they're very irritable and it's just very difficult to be around my young girl at this time. So they bring them in and we do a salivary hormone test, check their estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA, because we also want to rule out stuff like PCOS and such as this.

But we, uh this is an indication that most of the time we see a low progesterone and what we do is we either give them botanicals or we give them a little bit of progesterone cream and it works wonders. I much prefer to use bioidentical estrogen and progesterone when I have to and I don't use the synthetic. So all that said, the estrogen dominance is big in the United States. The girls are coming inmothers bringing the girls in so we can check that at an earlier age, it's great to see that, it's a preventative, less girls on.

What Is Estrogen Dominance

When we say estrogen dominance, what we're saying is we have too much estrogen hormone in ratio to progesterone hormone. Remember, all the hormones dance with each other, they work with each other, they support each other. Estrogen and progesterone work with one another. We have to have them in balancewhen they're in balance, when that ratio is good, the woman feels well. She's at peace with her world. She can handle stress a lot better. So when I say estrogen dominance I mean there's too much estrogen built up in the blood as compared to what the ratio of progesterone is,.

So we have to balance that out. We use something called DIM, and what that is is that it helps the liver metabolize and get rid of all that extra estrogen that's in the body. It's very easy to do but very effective. i've done it myself and i've seenespecially we want to check estrone. We have three different kinds of estrogen E1, estrone E2, estrodiol and E3, estriol. We want to check estrone, as well, because we want to make sure it's in a low amount because when they do find estrogen receptor sites that are positive it's usually.

Causes and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

What we are seeing in the clinic now is younger and younger women that are starting their menses at a very early age and the development of the breasts is very prominent at a very early age. They start the menses early and the menses is very irregular, so the mother does what she thinks is best, she brings them to the doctor, and they get put on a birth control pill to regulate the period. What's happening here in the United States is more and more of our food estrogen.

And growth hormones and different hormones are being added to our food. Our milksome milk and some dairy products have estrogen, some cosmetics have estrogen, so we're seeing more of an estrogen dominance in womenand in men, also. But we see this starting the menses early, and then large breasts, and then they get put on the birth control pill which has yet more estrogen in it, okay And then later on in lifethey may stay on the birth control pill 5 or 10 years and then later on in life they may have trouble getting pregnant.

We have some infertility problems later on. If they do get pregnant, when the woman does deliver the baby her progesterone plummets and her estrogen stays elevated, so we have, again, an estrogen dominance after birth. It's called postpartum blues or postpartum depression. That's when the progesterone is very low. When the woman goes into her fortiesperimenopausethe years before menopause takes place what happens is her estrogen isif you look at a graph, it's going up and down, up and down. She's having mood swings, irritability, weight gain, and the PMS symptoms are unbelievable.

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