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Uterine Artery Embolization Johns Hopkins

Portal Vein Embolization PVE for Contralateral Liver Hypertrophy

MUSIC Portal Vein Embolization for Contralateral Liver Hypertrophy. The liver is functionally divided into anatomical left and right lobes based on their relationship to the main trunk of the portal vein. For patients with right lobe tumors, surgical removal of this lobe, or right hepatic lobectomy, may be the best course of action. And segments remain after surgery called the Future Remnant Liver, or FRL, is too small to support the body, preoperative corrections must be made. In such cases, Portal Vein Embolization, or PVE, offers a minimally invasive procedure that enlarges the FRL.

By utilizing the liver's natural regenerative ability. For this procedure, the portal vein Is accessed by a direct course through the liver with the needle and guide wire to protect the sheath. Using sonagraphic and flouroscopic guidance, a catheter is advanced to each portal branch to be resected. Embolization is then performed through medicalgrade radiopaque glue, which sets immediately, clogging the blood flow into the vessel. This is repeated for each branch until complete declusion is achieved. This procedure is well tolerated although some patients may experience mild discomfort or slight fever for.

Portal Vein Embolization PVE For Contralateral Liver Hypertrophy

Portal Vein Embolization PVE For Contralateral Liver Hypertrophy,Removing the bigger right lobe of a cancerous liver may not leave enough liver for the body to survive. In this procedure, doctors shut down each blood vessel..

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FIS Chemoembolization Of Liver Tumor

FIS Chemoembolization Of Liver Tumor,.

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