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Uterine Fibroids Family History

Subtitles: translate.drmorse@gmail This is Alexi. I just want to say a huge thank you for all that you. Oh, I love you, honey. That keeps us going here. Love you guys. We’re all in this together. We’re all in Homo sapiens bodies right now,.

Kind of on a rock that’s spinning through space that’s slowing down and getting more negative. We just have to turn that around and infuse that with more energy. That will speed it back up and everything’s good. Thanks, sweetheart, I love that. I really appreciate all of your amazing and valuable tutorials.

Oh, thanks. i never thought you guys would like these tutorials like that. That’s pretty good. I appreciate that very much. Makes me warm and fuzzy. If it helps you and you get yourself out of trouble, my heart’s good. Learning about the detoxification protocol and spirituality. . has been a lifechanging experience. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

It should be because we need to poke our heads up, out of the sand, and start looking around at the beauty that is ours to have and to enjoy. Then there’s so many deeper parts of yourself you can enjoy simultaneously, oh, my God! You’re such a massive being, each and every one of you. You’re all so beautiful and massive in your ability to do things and who you are. You know, we play these little games, these little, humanoid games.

But the reality is, you guys are some big, spiritual dudes. Just got to wake up to it, that’s all it is. Thanks again. Oh, happy, happy holidays to you. Thank you, Alexi. Thank you so much, sweetheart. This is Cora: Recently, I had mercury fillings and metal crowns removed by a holistic dentist.

Good. in the next week, i will have my root canals removed, also. My ND had me on a protocol of bentonite clay, charcoal, MSM, and electrolytes for one month before removal. Then chlorella the day before and the day of removal, then a heavymetal spray for days after removal. Is there anything I should be doing for detoxifying the mercury out, in your opinion?.

Yeah. i definitely would get my lymph system moving, because, remember, the body dumps what it doesn’t want metals and everything else into the lymph system. That’s where everything is stored. You don’t store in the blood; you store in the lymph. So what you see in the blood is fractional to what you have stored.

In the body and the tissues or in the subcutaneous tissues, probably even in the lymph nodes, and in the interstitial spaces. So get your kidneys filtering. Get your adrenals up. Clean up the gut so that everything can absorb and eliminate well there. Get yourself sweating so that everything can be eliminated properly, and you won’t have a problem one.

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