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Uterine Fibroids Upset Stomach

Severe Leg Pain During Pregnancy

Are you suffering from severe leg pain during pregnancy You are not alone. Severe leg pain during pregnancy is a condition that is as common as morning sickness and fatigue are. The main cause of severe leg pain during pregnancy is a condition called sciatica. It is just as painful as it sounds. This condition is caused when the uterus is growing, it may push against the sciatic nerve. It could also be just leg cramps that could be happening in your legs. There are some more complex causes like DVT and also uterine fibroids.

First, do not get alarmed, it is not anything to feel panicked over. These are all issues that many pregnant women face. This is why you should let your doctor know in case you experience discomfort in your legs. He or she may be able to give you some much needed relief. You should inform your doctor of any pain that you experience, however small or big it is. A DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, is a blood clot that is in your leg and it is the most severe cause of leg pain.

You should be careful, when you have traveled for a long period of time, for this is the period that the clot is likely to develop. Take walks as often as you can to help keep the blood flowing. If you won't be able to go walking as often as you would like, wear some compression socks or stockings. Treatment of severe leg pain during pregnancy starts with finding out the main causes of it. If the pain is cause by thrombosis, you will be given some anticoagulation meds. If you want to prevent blood clots from developing in your leg, make sure to eat healthy food.

Cold Sores Herpes Simplex Virus How Do You Get Cold Sores, Symptoms and Treatments.

You have a cold sore that bums you out! What should and shouldn't you do now First of all, you need to know that a cold sore is caused by the herpes virus and that there's fluid in the blisters. A cold sore can be annoying and painful, but is hardly ever harmful. The herpes virus will remain forever in your body though and can get reactivated at a later time. That's why you can get a cold sore over and over again. There isn't any treatment to get the virus out of your body.

So, what are the do's and don'ts when you've got a cold sore Don't touch the blisters and wash your hands regularly especially when you've touched the blisters by accident. A cold sore is extremely contagious. The herpes virus that's inside the blisters can be transmitted through kissing or after you've touched them with your fingers. The virus can end up in the eye or near the genitals in that way and blisters may form in those places. Once the blisters have dried up, the virus can't be transmitted any longer.

Never hug a baby when you've got a cold sore. Babies can get seriously ill from from the herpes virus and can even die because it. That's the reason why it's also called the kiss of death. Sunlight, a reduced resistance, illness, menstruation, or stress can activate the herpes virus so a cold sore can show up. so a cold sore can show up. So avoid being exposed to the sun and use protective lip balm or sunblock on your lips to protect yourself against the sun. Keep your resistance up eat healthy food,.

Exercise regularly and get a good night's rest. Some people find comfort in putting the Vaseline or zinc oxide on their lips to ease the itching and pain. You could use antiviral creams and tablets. The cream hasn't been proven to reduce the symptoms of a cold sore though. Tablets could reduce the symptoms of a cold sore but only if you use them in a very early stage before the blisters have formed. Consult your family doctor when the blisters haven't disappeared after two weeks or when the inflammation spreads. In the last case, bacteria might have gotten.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk is A Good Alternative to Cows Milk

Well, hello there. I am doing to this quick tutorial of So Delicious dairyfree USDA organic Coconut milk. And this is the unsweetened variety in the 32 fluid ounce carton. If I am not mistaken, I bought this at Publix for about $1.79. The original price was $2.79. but I had a dollar off coupon. Now, one of the biggest benefits to drinking coconut milk is that it is relatively low calorie and it's loaded with medium chain fatty acids, which is burned off really easily by the human body. But.

The main reason why I choose to drink coconut milk, is because I am lactose intolerant. I end up suffering symptoms like diarrhea upset stomach,, vomiting sometimes, when I drink too much cow's milk. So, I chose to wean myself off drinking dairy products, like over a year ago. And coconut milk and soy milk were some of the options that I had available to me, in lieu of just drinking the cow's milk. One of the things that I really like about coconut milk is that it tastes surprisingly good in oatmeal.

And cold cereals and also in smoothies. Another reason why I choose coconut milk over cow's milk is that traditional farmers feed their cow's GMO feed and also they inject their cows and their livestock with antibiotics, as well as hormones. And if you're consuming any product from these animals, you're gonna also be consuming all of these excess chemicals. And, I have a condition called uterine fibroids, which it's suspected that hormones is one of the causes of uterine fibroids. This is the nutrition label. It contains organic coconut milk, water.

Acupuncture For PCOS, Uterine Fibroids Infertility

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Uterine Fibroids Natural Treatment Home Remedies For Fibroids In Uterus

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