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Uterus Fibroid Burst

it’s funny. i remember in the very first delivery I ever attended, right after the baby was delivered and the umbilical cord was cut, I started to unscrub and remove my gloves. And then I heard someone yell out, Hey, where you going? We still have to deliver the placenta.

So they were right. the delivery of the baby is followed by the delivery of the placenta, which usually occurs within five to 15 minutes. But it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you start to think that something might be wrong.

And, as you’re standing there, with your hand gently, very gently, holding on to the umbilical cord, there are four key signs that you look out for that signal that the placenta is separating from the wall of the uterus. So let’s talk about what those four signs are.

The first is that the umbilical cord lengthens. And that makes sense. The umbilical cord is attached to the placenta. And if the placenta is detaching from the uterus, more of the umbilical cord should appear in front of you. So that’s the first sign, that the umbilical cord,.

The umbilical cord, umbilical cord lengthens. The umbilical cord lengthens. The second sign is a gush of blood. The second sign that the placenta is separating from the wall of the uterus is a gush of blood. Which, if you can visualize it,.

The placenta is shearing away from the underlying endometrium. And that shear rips apart blood vessels, causing the bleeding to occur. And all of this is happening spontaneously. How? Well, after the baby is delivered,.

The uterus shrinks in size, because the uterus is muscle, after all. So it has the ability to stretch and shrink really rapidly. But the placenta isn’t a muscle. It doesn’t change shape as ready. So as the uterus shrinks and kind of retracts away,.

The blood vessels in the placenta tear. So that accounts for the bleeding. Now, to understand the third and the fourth signs of placental separation, you have to understand what I think is the absolute most amazing thing about the uterus and the placenta,.

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