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What Is Neuro Fibroids

I am Prof. Jaron Rabinovici, Senior Deputy Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Sheba Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel. The focused ultrasound method for treating fibroids is particularly suitable for women of childbearing age interested in additional pregnancies. Treatment proved to be effective for women who have up to 4 fibroids, and suffer from fibroids symptoms. Focused ultrasound allows us to treat the fibroid, perform the treatment in a noninvasive and outpatient procedure and significantly avoid side effects. The patient can usually return to her regular life routines the same day or the next day, at the latest.

Doctors Get Serious About Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue

I'm Miranda Savioli with today's health news. Chronic fatigue syndrome it's a condition that affects millions of Americans each year, yet there are no clear guidelines to diagnose it. Now, a panel from the Institute of Medicine suggests doctors use this checklist Fatigue that lasts for more than six months, discomfort after physical activity, and unrefreshing sleep, as well as either cognitive impairment or orthostatic intolerance, meaning symptoms improve when lying down and patients find it hard to stay upright for long. They also suggest renaming the condition systemic exertion intolerance disease.

Ontario supports new brain institute

On screen text On November 15, 2010, the province announced the creation of a new Ontario Brain Institute. On screen text The announcement was made at Sunnybrook. On screen text Sunnybrook's Brain Sciences Program is helping invent the future of health care through revolutionary new imaging technologies. Dr. Stefanovic Hi, my name is Bojana Stefanovic, I'm an assistant professor in medical biophysics at the University of Toronto, and a scientist in imaging research at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Stefanovic We are here today to discuss focused ultrasound, and exciting new.

Technology developed by Professor that opens up a plethora of different applications to treat a variety of brain conditions noninvasively. This is a new system that we're looking at here today. It's mounted on top of the patient bed, it slides right into the MR. This technology is a way of revolutionizing, potentially, the way that existing and new approaches to disease management can be delivered in patients. So, a way for us to treat cancer in the brain noninvasively, which makes a huge difference because of the fact that the damage to other regions of the brain has.

Very severe side effects potentially. And the second category of applications is delivering drugs in the brain that previously couldn't reach it, or couldn't reach it in the amount that the clinician needs them to be in in order for them to be effective. Brain cancer they're already working with today, stroke they're starting to work with. I guess pain, they're starting to work with. They're other applications in Huntington's disease, in Parkinson's that you might invision that are coming up in the future. On screen text For more information, go to Sunnybrook.ca.

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee MRGuided Focused Ultrasound for the Management of Osteoarthritic Knee Pain A Japanese study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders and reported in Medscape showed that local bone denervation by MRguided focused ultrasound has been demonstrated as a promising tool for pain relief of bone metastases. Eight patients with medial knee pain and eligible for total knee replacement were included. MRguided focused sonication treatments were applied the target sites. The pain intensity during walking was assessed on a 100 mm visual analog scale VAS before and after treatment. Six patients showed immediate pain alleviation.

Ask the Specialist Embolization Mahmood Razavi, MD

One of the tricks that I mentioned we use that has been effective in treatment of cancer is also very effective in treatment of various bleeding conditions, it is what is called Embolization. What that means is that we go inside the arteries, and from inside the arteries we block the arteries, so stop the flow to a certain area. Let's say you have bleeder, that you go in there in the past you would have needed big surgeries to tie off the blood vessels. Now it can be done from inside of the vessels and you go in and you.

Basically block the circulation. It can be used in a cancer patient, it can be used in patients who have stomach bleeding, it can be used in patients who have trauma who are bleeding, and it's very common. The way it works is that the circulation obviously is like a big highway, they're all connected. So, you enter, put a small IV in one of the arteries, typically in the groin, and then navigate into the site of the bleeding or the tumor or the target that you want to stop the circulation to. There are small catheters.

And tubes that allow you to do that. Once you get there, then there are a variety of instruments and devices available to stop that flow. One of them that is common for cancer are small beads, and these beads can be anywhere from the size of a grain of salt to as large as several millimeters. These can be injected into the particular artery and block it. For tumors we tend to use the smaller ones to penetrate deep into the tissues and cause tumor death. In bleeding conditions we don't necessarily do that we.

Use other forms that may be more temporary so when the injury heals that artery can open up. Occasionally we can deposit what we call coils that are metal with some fiber on it that causes immediate clotting of the blood. So there are different techniques and instruments and devices we can use to do that. Interestingly, that has lead into a lot of developments that have to been shown to be highly effective in cancer. We have taken the same kinds of beads, the grains of salt but slightly larger and made them.

Radioactive. So what you can do is actually radiate the patient or a tumor from inside without having to expose them to large dose of radiation from the outside or involve other organs but the tumor itself. Same principle as the Chemoembolization. And we have also been able to load various chemotherapeutic agents on these beads so you implant them inside a tumor and over time they give off drugs and expose the tumor to chemo for a longer duration of time, more than the few minutes that we are there with.

Histotripsy, a noninvasive cancer treatment MconneX MichEpedia

What we've done in our laboratory here which we call the histotripsy laboratory is to develop a new surgical modality which is uh. noninvasive and it has real time image guidance in the form of ultrasound. uh. imaging. The modality itself is a knifeless surgical approach which the idea here is to generate some very energetic microbubbles ultrasonically. The generation of these bubbles is called cavitation. And these bubbles oscillate very rapidly and create a lot of mechanical stress on all the tissues and cells around it. And essentially mechanically fractionate these.

Cells, so that at the end of the treatment if you look even under electron microscope microscope you don't see any recognizable tissue fragments. So basically what we do is generate what you might call micro or nano blenders. We can generate these in a very confined, precise volume. That ultrasonic focus acts like essentially a scalpel. The range of application for this technology is anyplace where we want to remove tissue at a tissuefluid interface. We can actually either remove the tissue or drill a very precise hole through the tissue.

One of the applications that we've been developing is to treat newborn infants who don't have a left ventricle. These infants only survive if you can create a flow channel in the septum between the lefthand and uh. right atrium. The way that people do that now is to thread a very small catheter up into the heart and essentially punch a hole in this atrial septum and this is a very dangerous procedure with about fifty percent mortality. And so we've developed an approach where these uh. newborn infants, we actually generator a hole in the atrial septum.

We've done over a hundred dogs, innumerable piglets and so we're now in the development of this technology where we want to take it into the clinic so that the pediatric surgeons can employ it. Another application where we've founded a company called Histosonics is the treatment of uh. enlarged prostate. BPH And in this application we actually go in and homogenize the tissue around the urethra and this homogenized tissue is actually urinated out by the patient. The whole thing is noninvasive. The alternative technology is called TURP where a.

Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

Text on screen Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source Ask the Experts What are options for fertility preservation in cancer patients Dr. Maria Bustillo, South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine Fertility preservation means allowing a woman, or a man, to be able to have children in the future with their eggs and sperm or embryos that they preserve now, and this has been primarily driven by the patients who are young who are being treated for cancer. And since cancer survival has increased, they face a life without children because some of the therapies.

That are used for cancer makes them infertile or sterile. So, this is an opportunity to put aside your fertility, otherwise preserve it, and then once you've survived your cancer, come back and utilize what you've put aside to be able to have your own biologic child. Preserving it, generally by freezing, and, depending on the age of the individual, whether or not they're married and have the for instance, if it's a woman, a sperm source, like a husband or a fianc, then they can use the biologic material from that individual as well to combine with the egg and freeze an embryo.

Or, you can freeze eggs now. We have a new process to freeze eggs which is very good. Or, in men, you can just freeze sperm. And young kids, we are freezing actual tissue from the testicle or the ovary, and in the future hope that there are going to be technologies to be able to mature eggs in the laboratory so that we can create embryos for those people as they get older and are of childbearing age. The potential options obviously depend, again, on the age of the individual, the availability of sperm,.

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